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shorter than I would instinctively draw them.

The essence of successful male figure drawing is that it be kept masculine—plenty of bone and muscle. The face should be lean, the cheeks slightly hollowed, the eyebrows fairly thick (never in a thin line), the mouth full, the chin prominent and well defined. The figure is, of course, wide shouldered and at least six feet (eight or more heads) tall. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find these lean-faced, hard-muscled male models. They are usually at harder work.

Children should be drawn fairly close to the scale of proportions given in this book. Babies obviously should be plump, dimpled, and healthy. Special study should be given to the folds and creases at the neck, wrists, and ankles. The cheeks are full and round, the chin is well under. The upper lip protrudes somewhat. The nose is round and small and concave at the bridge. The cars arc small, thick, and round. The eyes practically fill the openings. The hands are fat and dimpled and there is considerable taper to the short fingers. Until the structure of babies is well understood it is almost fatal to try to draw them without good working material.

Keep all children up to six or eight years quite chubby. From eight to twelve they can be drawn very much as they appear, though the relative size of the head should be a little larger than normal.

If you get into character drawing, you may do a fat fellow—but don't make him too young. Do not draw ears too large or protruding in any male drawing. The male hands should be exaggerated a little in size and in the ideal type must look bony and muscular. Soft, round hands on a man simply won't go.

The art director seldom points out your faults. He simply says he does not like your drawing. Any one of the alw>ve mistakes may account for his dislike. Ignorance of the demands upon you is as great a handicap as ignorance of anatomy.

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