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Outdoor posters are handled through advertising agencies or through lithographers. The artist seldom deals directly with the advertiser. There are also outdoor advertising companies that buy art work and in turn sell it to the advertiser. In the latter case the lithographer is called in on a competitive basis.

Newspaper drawing may be done in art organizations, by the paper s staff, by the advertiser s own department, or in the free-lancer's own studio. Displays arc done in the lithographer's art departments or are bought from organizations or free-lance artists.

Magazine covers are usually speculative. You simply make them, send them in, and most of the time you get them back. You are expected to send return postage or express charges. Sometimes you can send in a preliminary sketch. If the magazine is interested, you may be asked to make a final drawing or painting, but the art editor reserves the right to reject it unless you arc so well known in the field and so dependable that you can be relied upon to bring in an acceptable cover design.

Comics are handled speculatively, as are magazine covers, except in the ease of newspapers. There they generally come through feature syndicates. In this case you work on a salary or royalty basis, or both. You must have several months of your feature completed on a strip before your work will be considered. Sometimes royalty is paid by the comic magazine or syndicate, in addition to the purchase of first serial rights.

First-rate advertising may pay more than story illustration. Methods of reproduction are so accurate today that almost anything painted or drawn may be reproduced with fidelity. Knowing these methods is valuable information. Most engraving houses are glad to show their equipment and methods to the artist. They know that if he understands their problem, he can help

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