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continuing rise of radio. You will also have materials never dreamed of, subjects that we cannot now imagine. You will have new purposes for art that have never before existed. I believe the human body has been increasing in beauty, although it is hardly discernible to us. Think of how standards change, for example, and of a modern girl beside a buxom maid of Rubens' time. It would be a little hard to imagine one of his beauties walking down Main Street in slacks. I doubt whether his favorite model Could get to the judges' stand in one of our innumerable beauty contests.

All the things have not been done in art that can and will be done. I don't think our bones and musclcs will change much and that light will shine differently, so all the good rules will still hold. I can only say that you must have the courage of your convictions, believing that your way is right for you and for your time. Your individuality will always be your precious right and must be treasured. Take from the rest of us all that you can assimilate, that can become a part of you, but never still the small voice that whispers to you, "I like it better my way."

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