Measuring The Subject

1. Establish two points on your paper as tlu desired height of pose (top and bottom) Draw a perpendicular through these points as the middle line of subject.

2. Locate the middle point of line (&). Now, holding pencil at arm's length, find the middle point on the subject before you. From the middle point get quarter points (up and down).

3. Take the greatest width of the pose. Compare it to the height. In my drawing it come, just above the right kneecap (about JS). Lay the width equally on each side of your middle point up and down. Now locate the middle point crossways on your model.

4. Your two lines will cross at this point. It is the middle point of your subject. Remember this point on the model. You work out from it in all directions.

5. Now, with plumb line, or eye, locate all the important points that fall beneath one another. (In my drawing the subject's right heel was directly underneath her hair at the forehead, the knee under the nipple, etc )

6. Start by blocking in head and torso and, from the head, sight straight up and down and straight across, all the way up and down the figure.

7. For the angles, sight straight on through and establish a point on the line where it falls under a known point. (See line of chest and nipples. The known point is the nose. This locates right nipple.)

8. If you constantly check points opposite, points underneath, and where the angles emerge, after having established height, width, and division points—your drawing will be accurate, and you will know it is!

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