The Approach To Figure Drawing

As we begin the book, let us take note of the broad field of opportunity afforded the figure draftsman. Starting with the comic or simple line drawings of the newspaper, it extends all the way up through every kind of poster, display, and magazine advertising, through covers and story illustration to the realms of fine art, portraiture, sculpture, and mural decoration. Figure drawing presents the broadest opportunity from the standpoint of earning of any artistic endeavor Coupled with this fact is the great advantage that all these uses are so interrelated that success in one almost assures success in another.

The interrelation of all these uses springs from the fact that all figure drawing is based on the same fundamentals which can be applied no matter what use the work is put to. This brings a further great advantage to the figure man in that he has a constant market if he is capable of good work. The market is constant because his work fits into so many notches in the cycle of buying and selling which must always be present barring financial collapse. To sell one must advertise, to advertise one must have advertising space, to have advertising space there must be attractively illustrated magazines, billboards, and other mediums. So starts the chain of uses of which the artist is an integral part.

To top it all, it becomes the most fascinating of any art effort because it offers such endless variety, encompassing so much that it ever remains new and stimulating. Dealing with the human aspects of life it runs the gamut of expression, emotion, gesture, environment, and the interpretation of character. What other fields of effort offer so great a variety for interest and genuine relief from monotony? I speak of this to build within you that confidence that all is well once you arrive at your destination; your real concern is making the journey.

Art in its broadest sense is a language, a message that can be expressed better in no other way. It tells us what a product looks like and how we can use it. It describes the clothes and even the manners of other times. In a war poster it incites us to action; in a magazine it makes characters alive and vivid. It projects an idea visually, so that before a brick is laid we may see, before our eyes, the finished building.

There was a time when the artist withdrew to a bare attic to live in seclusion for an ideal. For subject, a plate of apples sufficed. Today, however, art has become an integral part of our lives, and the successful artist cannot set himself apart. He must do a certain job, in a definite manner, to a definite purpose, and with a specified date of delivery.

Start at once to take a new interest in people. Look for typical characters everywhere. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics and de-tails that distinguish them. What is arrogance in terms of light and shadow, form and color? What lines give frustration and forlorn hope to people? What is the gesture in relation to the emotion? Why is a certain childish face adorable, a certain adult face suspicious and untrustworthy? You must search for the answers to these questions and be able to make them clear to your public. This knowledge will in time become a part of you, but it can come only from observation and understanding.

Try to develop the habit of observing your surroundings carefully. Some day you may want to place a figure in a similar atmosphere. You cannot succeed completely with the figure unless you can draw the details of the setting. So

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