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A number of typical problems in a contest for sculptural designs:

1. The problem is to design a group of figures for a large fountain to be placed in the center of a circular pool fifty feet in diameter. The subject is, "I am America. I give thee liberty and a free life." The drawings are to be submitted for interpretation of idea only. The group may contain a heroic figure symbolizing the Goddess of Liberty. The work should be American in spirit. Figures can typify agriculture, mining, industrial life, the home, et cetera. The artist, however, is not limited in any way.

2. Design a large drinking fountain. Somewhere upon the base will be the inscription: "I am America. From my lakes and streams 1 give thee the waters of freedom."

3. Design a sun dial to be placed within the botanical gardens, bearing the following in scription: "I am America. I give thee my soil."

4. Design a statue for the zoological gardens, the inscription to be: "I am America. I give all living things the right to life."

5. Design a soldiers' and sailors' monument. The inscription to read: "I am America. These of my sons I gave for thy security."

Here are unlimited opportunities to express yourself. One interesting manner of handling these designs, after having worked out rough tissue sketches, would be to draw on toned paper with charcoal and white chalk. In these there would be considerable study of the figure, action, drapery, dramatic interpretation. Work out your ideas with your pencil, your camera, material gathered by research, ct cetera.

There is no objection to using allegorical or semi-nude figures, but do not stick too close to the Greek. Make it American.

Semi Nude Painting Girl

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