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The problem of equipping yourself to do your job well:

What is the next step? you may inquire.

Ix>ok about at the kinds of work you see displayed everywhere. What kind of work do yon want to do? Once you make up your mind, practice that kind of drawing with brush or pencil. Yon arc going to need mental equipment as well as skill with your hand. Try to know more about your subject than the other fellow. Remember you can borrow only a little; most of your knowledge must come from your own observation, your determination, and your plain courage.

Find a way that you can allow yourself one, two, three, or even four hours a day for draw ing. Next, supply yourself with materials and a place to work. Keep a fresh sheet of paper on your drawing board at all times with other materials at hand.

Hunt for subjects that interest you. Note them down and pin the notes to your board. If you can do nothing better, set up an interesting still life and work from it until you have learned something from it.

Start a portfolio of samples of your best work. Don't take out a drawing and throw it away until you have a better one with which to replace it. When you have a dozen good drawings, show them. Don't wait for an expensive collection.

Good Drawings

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