figure posed actainst awmite. background to demonstrate how the form may be defined with «ingle licht.withoot obvious use of outline. the outline is drawn very lightly followed by a careful study of tone, edges and accents.

Ideal Agency Logo

A typical problem worked out with an account executive in an ad vert using agency:

"Your work has come to my attention," says the executive of an advertising agency, "and, from what I have seen of it so far, I like it very much. I have a new gasoline account, for which we must have a fresh approach. I want to use a new man in the field, and he must be good. We will cover all advertising mediums pretty thoroughly, but the initial punch will come from outdoor advertising in a series of bill posters. Whether or not we give you this series to do depends upon what you can show us in the way of art work in roughs and sketches. We are willing to pay five hundred dollars per poster to the right man, this price to include all preliminary work. The name of the product is Sparko Rhythm Motor Fuel. As a starter, here are some captions we have thought up: Tune Your Motor to Sparko Rhythm; Heard Everywhere ...Sparko Rhythm; Sparko Rhythm Sounds Sweet in any Motor; "Swing" to Sparko Rhythm; Always in Step with Sparko Rhythm; Let Your Motor Sing to Sparko Rhythm; In Time, Every Time, Thafs Sparko Rhythm; Keep in Tune with Sparko musical terms, but we will be glad to consider any ideas that associate rhythm with a motor fuel."

The width of an outdoor poster is two-and-a-

quarter tim©« the height. Make covorul amall roughs on tissue for ideas that could be used to illustrate the above. You do not have to show an automobile, or a motor, but bear in mind that it is a motor fuel. The words "motor fuel" must be somewhere 011 the poster. You will probably want to use a base line of lettering across the bottom of the poster: "America's Greatest Motor Fuel." The sheets in a poster run four across, and two and a half up and down. The half-sheet may be placed either at top or bottom. Try to avoid cutting through a face at the joining place of two sheets. If the face is very large, see that the joining places do not cut through the eyes. Sometimes die sheets vary a little in color, and the bill poster cannot be relied upon not to get one sheet pasted a little off.

Work up in color your best ideas in sketch form. Size of poster for sketch is ten by twenty-two and one-half inches. A margin of white goes around the poster about two inches at top and bottom, and three at the sides.

I am not going to suggest what to do, but what not to do, as far as your design is concerned.

Do not make the name Sparko Rhythm too small.

Do not put dark lettering on a dark background.

Do not put light lettering on a light background.

Get some good copy for your style of lettering;

Keep lettering very simple and readable; don't get fancy.

Don't fake your figures; get good copy.

Don't make small figures or too many.

If you would like to experiment, draw or paint the finished poster: the size will be, in inches, sixteen by thirty-six or twenty by forty-five. Paint a white margin at least two inches lop and bottom and three or more at sides.

Save your effort as a sample.

Twenty Six Thirty Five Nude Women

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