Suppose, for example, we desire to represent a square block, with a smooth, even surface: the greater degree of evenness and regularity that we can preserve in the lines, the nearer we will approach its faithful resemblance and if, on the other hand, its surface be broken, or uneven, we must have recourse to lines, by which that character can be most readily expressed.

To represent a rude stake, water-worn and scraggy, far different lines are requisite, than if object of imitation were a smooth and well-rounded post.

Human Head Sketch

It would be in vain to attempt the representation of the effect of a brisk breeze, and a dead calm, upon the water, by lines similar in character; or, by the same touch, to express the woolly

Sheeps Head Drawing

and rounded form of a sheep, and the hairy covering, and more abrupt lines and action, of a goat.

103. The imitation, by beginners, of off-hand sketches, or memoranda, by practised artists, however spirited, and often effective, should be discouraged. They are, frequently, little more than the short-hand notes of a writer — intelligible to him, but only conveying, to others, faint and uncertain ideas—dashed oft* in a moment of haste, or under circumstances that would preclude

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