Chapter X

of modelling.

Modelling.—2. In all its Applications to Design similar Principles to those of Drawing and Painting involved.

— 3. Requirement of General Education by Artists.

— Means of its Attainment.— 4. Modelling in Clay— Tools, etc.—5. Wax. —6. Terra-Cotta. — 7. Of "the Round" and " Reliefs."— 8. Requisites in Modelling.— 9. Process of a Model for Sculpture. — 10. Of Braces and Supports. — 11. The Naked Figure.— 12. Reliefs. —13. Moulding and Casting. — 14. Value and Application of the Galvano-Plastic Process.— 15. Of Medals. — 16. Architectural Models. — 17. Importance of Modelling to Mechanics as well as Artists. —

18. The Elementary Instruction in Design requisite for Mechanics similar to that necessary for Artists . .

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