Three Quarter View

With these measurement lines in place, complete the shape of the skull and draw in the features. This is a good time to review the details of the secondary forms we studied in the preceding chapter. Check the horizontal line-up of the nose base, cheek bone, ear, and skull base. The edge of the mouth and chin should align with the center of the eye. The ear should attach on a horizontal line drawn from the outside corner of the eye.

Head Drawing Humans

Step 4: On this curved line (C-E-D), the new center of the face, sketch the wedge of the nose in three-quarter view. Then lightly draw the lips and a new outline on the right side of the face. This new outline must be held generally within the original ovoid shape.

Step 5: Now, how much of the cranium will appear at the rear? The answer is clear. The amount of turn the head makes in front will produce a similar amount of turn in back. Measure the distance between the midpoint of old center line (F) and the midpoint of the new center line (E). Add this measure to the head at the rear (A-G). This gives you the correct amount of cranial bulge in back, corresponding to the amount of turn in front. Measurement A-G equals E-F.

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