Proportions and Measurements


The middle of the brow ridge, at its base, is the depressed bridge of the nose. This is the exact midpoint of the head. Here, at the midway line, the head is five eye-lengths wide. The brow ridge itself is four eye-lengths wide.

Human Nose DrawingEar Eye Nose


Centrally located in the facial mass, the tapered wedge of the nose descends to a point midway between the bridge of the nose and the base of the chin. The width of the nose at its base is equal to the width of the eye.

Distances from bridge to Base of nose is one eye wide.

midway point to base of chin are equal.

Cartoon Drawings Empty Eye Sockets


Starting at the base of the brow bone, the socket extends halfway down along the length of the nose. The outer edge of the socket lies just above the projecting cheek bone.


The base line of the cheek bone aligns with the base of the nose. In frontal views, the inner depression of the cheek bone is roughly midway along a diagonal line (30 degrees) from the eye socket to the angle of the jaw.

Anatomical Eye SocketNose And Cheek Sketch

Cheek bone aligns with base of nose.

Cheek bone depression is midway on diagonal line.




Starting at the nose base, the mouth barrel extends two thirds the distance down from the nose to the chin. The sides of the barrel align with the centers of the eye sockets.

Projecting from under the mouth barrel, the chin extends one third the distance upward to the nose. At its widest point, the chin box is equal to the width of the mouth barrel.

Drawing Male Human Mouth

The angle of the lower jaw aligns with the lower lip of the mouth barrel.

Drawing The MouthHuman Proportions Measurements

Mouth barrel aligns with centers of sockets and widest points of chin.

The ear begins at a line drawn up from the rear edge of the jaw. The ear base aligns with the base of the skull, the base of the cheek bone, and the base of the nose. The top of the ear aligns with the protruding-brow ridge. The peak of the eyebrow hair will identify the height of the ear, in relation to the brow.

Cheekbone Drawing Side View


The side arch of the cheek bone starts at the lower rim of the eye socket, and aligns with the midpoint of the nose. The arch ends just below the middle of the ear, in line wTith the back edge of the jaw.

Human Head Pencil LinesFemale Proportions

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