Head Rotation

To draw the head in a full front view or a direct side view is elementary. The simple relations of the cranial and facial masses, front and side, have been explained in Chapter 1. The difficulty occurs when the head rotates from a front view to a three-quarter view. A question arises about the back of the head. How much of the cranial bulge will be shown at the rear in relation to a given amount of turn? Here is a simple solution.

Constructing a Rotating Head

Step 1: Draw a full front view head shape in correct proportion.

Step 1: Draw a full front view head shape in correct proportion.

Head Line Drawing

Step 2: Now draw horizontal (A-B) and vertical (C-D) lines which divide the ovoid shape at the midpoint in both directions. These are the axis lines: the horizontal axis (A-B) identifies the brow line; the vertical axis (C-D) defines the bilateral symmetry of the face and features.

Line LinesHow Draw Human Faces

Step 3: Our chief interest is in the vertical axis, the center line which records every side-wise movement of the face and features. To make the head turn from a front view to a new position, draw a newT vertical center line (C-E-D) from crown to chin. This line curves to show the characteristic bulge of the ovoid mass. The midpoint (E) of the curve is at the horizontal brow line. Keep brow line level and unchanged.

Paint Human Head Pencil

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