Hands paws hooves

Like with legs, there are several ways to throw a bit more human or a bit more animal in the mix. On one end of the spectrum, there are the normal human hands, but with a bit of fur and longer nails:

Human Paws

A fifty-fifty mix of human and animal traits is quite common. Usually this is done by making the fingers shorter and shaped more like a paw, and by adding paw pads.

Paw Paw Sketch

Here the pads are placed according to the anatomy of the animal (as seen in the previous chapter), but you'll see many varieties. Some artists make the carpal pad as big as the hand, some use three small pads per finger, and some have even more intricate designs (such as Goldenwolf's).

Some species have dewclaws, which could also be used as substitutes for thumbs or little fingers:

Latest Human Figure Modern Art
Figure 4.11. "Schism " by HockeyRaven


The tail is an extension of the spine. When drawing bipedal characters, make sure the tail connects just below the sacrum, and that it flows naturally from how the spine is bent.

Gesture Drawings Spine

In gesture sketches, the spine and tail are usually drawn as one long swooshy line.

Human Figures Sketches
Figure 4.13. Tail/spine line in gesture sketches

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