Chapter Sketching

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The second bit of advice a beginning artist usually gets is "draw from life". And it is excellent advice! After all, if you can't draw what is right in front of you, you certainly won't be able to draw what you see in your imagination either. But the advice is a bit short, and will usually leave the artist behind unsure of what to do next. This chapter will help you to get started by explaining some different sketching methods you can use.

Materials? Ah yes. No tutorial would be complete without discussing the materials first. It's tradition!

Figure 1.1. Materials you'll need

So... a ream of the cheapest copier paper you can find, or in a pinch, the inside of a pizza box. A pencil, a burned match, or anything else that leaves a mark. And a pencil sharpener or a knife to keep it sharp. Don't worry about fancy stuff like erasers just yet.

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