Spheres and guidelines

Figure Drawing The Human Face

A sphere with guidelines is a popular basic shape for drawing heads. While it is not as important as the other sketching techniques, you are going to see it a lot throughout this tutorial, especially in the chapters about animal anatomy and anthros. Now a sphere is easy enough you grab a compass, draw a circle, there's your sphere. However, we'll also need some guidelines, and that's the tricky bit. Here, take a look at some examples. As you can see, I've drawn three lines on the sphere. A...

Photos and illustrations

Malene Thyssen, www.mtfoto.dk malene . The photo is dual-licensed (CC-by-sa and GFDL). Edited images from the 20th edition of Gray's Anatomy. These images are public domain. Revision 0.1 (svn rev 101) 2007-06-05 Revision 0.3.1 (svn rev 130) 2007-08-28 Part of chapter 3 up for critique. Added several sections and fixed mistakes in chapters 1 and 2. Revision 0.3.2 (svn rev 162) 2007-10-07 Part of chapters 4 and 5 up for critique. Extended chapter 3.

Male and female bodies

How Draw Skeleton Male

Everything you've seen so far applies to both sexes. Although the illustrations show a skeleton with male proportions, the blueprint is the same for women. There is some overlap in the range of characteristics between the sexes, so keep in mind that everything you read here only applies to the average guy or gal. You'll find exceptions to every rule. Women have less muscle mass, and I'm probably risking my life by saying this more fat. Everybody stores fat almost all around their body, with a...

The bodys proportions

Female Proportion Human Figure

Proportions of the human body Figure 2.1. Proportions of the human body The human body is usually measured in units of heads. Most adults are around seven and a half heads high, but for practical and aesthetic reasons most diagrams show eight heads. It's not a big deal, just remember the head can be slightly larger in real life. Unless you are drawing an adult that is standing up straight, you can't use this diagram directly. Instead, you'll have to use this as a guideline to...

Shading a figure basic

How Draw Basic Human Figures

The things you learned in the section called Geometric shapes will come in handy here. Since the basic geometric shapes are easier to shade than a detailed body, we're going to break down a figure into simple forms first. Here's the girl we're going to shade, I'm sure you remember her We break her down into simple shapes, and pick a direction for our light source. The first step is to shade according to the surface angle Then we add the cast shadows TODO illustrations This gives us a general...

Varieties Of Women Hips

The Figure Human Woman

The male's pelvis is higher and narrower than a female's A woman's hips are wider than her shoulders with men it is the other way around. Less obvious is the difference in the iliac crest the two top ridges of the pelvis . It is more pronounced in women, and in 3 4 profile it can show up as a small bump in the outline of the hips

Weight balance movement

Contrapost Drawing

Every body has a center of mass an imaginary point where gravity grabs a hold and pulls you down. Because the upper body is heavier than the legs, this point is located somewhat above the middle in a human being, in the underbelly between the tops of the hip bone crests. That is, if you're standing up straight. As soon as you bend over, extend an arm, or stick out your tongue, the point of mass moves along. To determine if a figure is balanced or not, draw a plumb line from the center of mass...