The Hands Dimensions

If you take the total dimensions of an open hand, viewed from the back, with the palm and fingers extended, you will fmd that the distance between the wrist and knuckles is similar to the distance between the knuckles and the tip of the middle finger. This isn't the only fact that you can ascertain by simply opening up the palm of the hand. For instance, you will find that, with the fingers outstretched, the length of the index finger is equal to that of the ring finger, and that the tip of the pinky coincides lines up with the final joint of the index finger.

The hands should be drawn in a proportional relationship to the rest of the body. It can be of great help to follow the general rule that specifies that the length of the hand should be equal to that of the face.

The Human Body Proportional Human Body Dimension
The Rules How Draw The Human BodyBody Drawing The Hands

We begin with a square and add a trapezoid shape (1). In the upper part of the rhombus we draw a curve to the right, and starting from a straight diagonal line} we draw the thumb (2). From the tip of the thumb we project another curve indicating the point where the fingers intersect with the palm of the hand. We divide this curve into four and project the remaining fingers (3). We then erase the structural lines and draw the hand anew starting from its characteristic outline (4).

The geometric sketch of the hand is completed with a sketch of the fingers, which are represented by ovals which correspond to each segmen t or phalanx.

Deatiled Human Body Parts Starts With

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Realistic Female Hands Draw

Sometimes an unfinished hand makes sense in a nude drawing.

Think of the fingers as minor details compared to the other parts of the body.

Anime Girl Body Structure
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