The Bodys Axis

If you analyze the rear view of the torso, you will notice that the spine is describes the body's axis: it is a line of symmetry from which the fundamental measurements of the body are established.

Starting from this straight perpendicular, we have constructed a rear view of the torso, taking into account the following factors: the distance between the shoulders and the spine should be equal, even if there is a slight incline; the shoulder blades are the part of the back that stands out most, and its relief is most evident when the model has his arms open. The shoulder blade is triangular and should be accentuated with a light hatching. It's important to notice that the waist is more clearly marked in the frontal view than in the rear view, because from the

Human Body Axis

rear, the surface of the back is a continuous whole from the shoulder blades to the lower part of the lumbar area, where you can appreciate the flesh of the buttocks.

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