Structuring the Whole from Simple Forms

To sketch a geometrical model we begin by selecting a composite outline—in other words, a simple geometric shape on which we can inscribe whatever pose the figure assumes. In this way, the work will present from the start a more satisfactory visual layout.The use of compositional outlines in sketching is an efficient method for arranging the subject and adequately breaking up the pictorial space, thus helping to organize the elements of the drawing so that the viewers attention, and the focal point of the drawing, is where we want it to be.j

The basis of every correct rendering of the figure is the artist's understanding of its structure.

Human Structure Basic Drawing

The human body in its volumetric representation is made up of spherical, cylindrical, and orthogonal surfaces. These shapes are the foundation for drawing the extremities, head, and torso. If the body changes position, all we have to do is adjust the point of view of the rectangles, cubes, or cylinders.

The Human Body Made Easy

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