Solving Foreshortening Problems

We propose the following method as the most effective means for solving some particularly difficult problems, such as foreshortened figures. The only realistic solution to the problem of foreshortening is to draw the figure just as it is, not as one imagines it to be; to see it as a geometric figure, observing the negative space surrounding it. Only dexterity and experience can help one to really see and correctly render a foreshortened limb.

Figure Drawing Foreshortening

The application of a countermold is especially useful when the figure presents complex poses such as those we observe in a contraposto. In these cases\ we will try to visualize the empty spaces in the figure's exterior in order to correctly sculpt the pose.

Above all else, keep in mind the spaces contained inside the figure. If they do not match the same form as those in the real model, the figure has not been sketched correctly.

Human Body Inside Space

A sketch should not be a representation of an isolated figure but an interaction of the figure with the surrounding space. Dark lines in the background space also help to define the profile of the head and shoulders.

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