Proportions and Background

A figure's proportions should be harmonized with the dimensions of the background, to make sure that we adjust the figure to the background in a natural manner, and avoid having the margins of the paper cut off a part of the figure because we didn't check the measurements beforehand. If necessary, we can stain the blank page using a paper stump—also called a tortillon—or with our fingertips, to limit the space that the figure will occupy. These initial marks are guidelines that suggest the position and dimensions of each part of the body, as well as the total length of the model. The geometric sketch includes a calculation of the figure's proportions, which should be reflected in the outline.

A tortillon, or even a charcoal-stained cloth, is an excellent tool for practicing geometric sketches. It produces soft lines that are easy

A geometric sketch requires a simple treatment with decisive strokes. We must concentrate on the pose and the proportions and forget all the inner details of the figure (A). The guide-drawing should be a correct preliminary representation of the model which will help us to advance toward a more detailed, definitive outline (B).

Breast Proportions DrawingBackground Drawing

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