Obese Figures

There is a layer of fat between the muscles and the skin that fills in the gaps and softens the shape of the bones.The fat is barely visible in the body of an athletic person, because it adds only slightly to the person's girth; but in an obese person, it can amount to as much as five or six inches, so it plays an essential role in shaping the volume and girth of the body.

This layer of fat is not evenly distributed throughout the body. In men, it is generally concentrated in the chest, accentuating the profile of the cleft just below the pectoral area; in the area below the chin; in the stomach; and in the buttocks. In women, fat tends to affect the shape of the breasts (which grow disproportionately and look more flaccid), the chin, the stomach, the thighs, and especially the area around the pelvis and up to the end of the gluteus muscles. For this reason, the part of the body that stands out most in an obese woman is the exaggerated width of the hips and the large behind. The other parts of the body tend to look more cylindrical, and the folds around the joints are more pronounced because the flesh there is fattier. The same thing happens with the person's facial features, which tend to swell generally; body fat is particularly visible in the cheeks and chin.

Human BodyObease Human Body

When you draw the face of an elderly person, do not hesitate to make the nose and ears big: these are the only two parts of the body that do not stop growing when we reach adulthood.

Obesity Drawing

Facial fat can grow to the point of completely obscuring the essential shapes of the human body. The area beneath the chin and the back o f the neck tend to show the greatest accumulation of fat.

Overweight Figure Drawing Models

The obese body can also be reduced to circles and ovals, whose proportional relationship can be varied until you reach the degree of obesity shown here.

Obese DrawingDrawing Fat Figures

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