Measurement Problems

Sometimes we will find that the figure does not precisely match the classical male, eight-and-a-half-head model.This is normal. It is only logical that real-life figures should be somewhat beneath classical measurements because, after all, classical laws deal in ideal proportions, not exact ones. What is most important is not whether the figure measures seven or eight heads, but that the distribution of the units be truly proportional.

The classical proportions of a standing figure do not change much, no matter how much the body stretches or assumes complicated postures. This system of measurement can be a good reference.

Another system for applying the classical unit measurements is the overlaying of transversal slices, or cross-sections. Onto the sketch of the figure we draw the lines of these sections, which correspond to the segments of the classical model, in order to study the proportional relationships of a figure in a kneeling or lying position.

Applying the measurements of the classical law of proportion is complicated when a figure is sitting, lying down, or foreshortened. In these cases, we must draw the figure's supporting inner structure in a seated position and try to adjust the corresponding measurements to it.

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