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To achieve an interesting line in a study, the artist must use either a very fine instrument or a very thick one. In either case, you have to work quickly, and follow the subjects forms with a continuous line.You can use the tilt of the pencil or graphite to modulate the line by altering the width of the stroke. A sharp pencil produces a sensual, fragile drawing, whereas graphite, which has a thicker line, will yield a more intense, energetic drawing. The result should be a satisfactory, uniform line that provides all the information you need for obtaining the model's pose and anatomy

The graphite pencil is one of the most commonly used media for making line drawings, but little by little, the ball-point pen has found a niche among nonprofessional artists thanks to the fine, intense, and tentative lines that it provides,

Synthetic contouring is very useful for making quick studies, when the immediacy and expressiveness of the model are at a premium.

Graphite proves more expressive than a pencil made from the same material because it provides lines of a greater range of widths and intensities.

Quick Studies



The best way to approach a figure and the problems of representation that it entails, is through the practice of making studies of a model. Studying the figure based on a rough sketch is a form of constant learning and perfecting for the artist.

A Minimum of Lines

In a study of a model, you should situate the principal lines with a minimum of strokes, with no concerns over whether the resulting drawing looks unfinished. Doing studies is a valid practice in itself and needn't be justified by a later work. The grace and spontaneity of studies have been appreciated by professionals and amateurs alike throughout the ages.

Minimum Strokes


The Time Factor

Quick studies are notes taken in the shortest time possible. With practice, the hand becomes more assured, so that it learns how to find solutions to any anatomical requirement.The leisurely, inconsequential tone of a quick study makes it especially appealing. Often it becomes a series of small shows of dexterity and visual sharpness. On the other hand, the easiest studies to make are those for which there is no time limit at all.

Your sketchbooks should be full of ideas, suggestive and attractive doodles with no apparent order; nor any goal other than to capture concepts and exercise your strokes.


Drawing Human Body

For the beginner it is a good idea to make studies of female figures and, preferably, to choose a model who isn't too thin. A skinny model is harder to draw and demands greater anatomical experience on the part of the artist.

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