Drawing Constructing The Body

Human Sketching
We must measure the body: standing and alive, concretely; in nine parts with respect to its length. For able nature has shaped man in such a way that the face is found in the highest place, so that it be admired and offer the other parts of the body the principle of its


Pomponi Gaurico: Sculpture, 1504.

Drawing The Human BodyDrawing The Human Body

Carlant. Study with Two Figures, 2002. Burnt sienna pastel with outlines in white.

Every drawing must be organized within an rational and comprehensible order, in order to establish a comfortable and appealing path for the eyes to follow In order to draw a well-proportioned figure, the artist searches for an ideal of beauty, and finds his tools in the objective methods founded upon geometry and measurement. But opposite the purely theoretical systems of proportion, there is what we might call an "intuitive" proportion based 011 visual comparison and controlled distortion, and we can translate and accommodate the natural structures of the body in a looser, more expressive, and less mechanical way than the model described by the classical laws of proportion.

Average Human Body Proportions

In a standing pose, imaginary vertical lines are commonly used to give proportion to the backbone and the lower extremities, in order to place upon them the corresponding segments or measurements for each unit.

Drawings Constructive Human Figure

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