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Lighten an Area

Inevitably, there will be areas of your line drawing that you'll want to lighten, without completely erasing what you have drawn. To do this, you can take your clean, kneaded eraser and blot the areas that you feel are too dark. You can also lightly rub the eraser over the lines to take away some graphite.


Near the final stages of the line drawing, the artist continued the same process from the previous step—lightening some areas considerably to allow them to recede and form a less important role in the drawing. The eye of the viewer is naturally attracted to the contrast that was created between the darker lines and marks in the drawing and the white paper. Because of this, the dark accents and heavier lines play a key role in directing the path the viewer takes in the work.

Difficult Path Drawing

Of course, it is always difficult to decide when a work is finished; this is undoubtedly one of the most difficult aspects of being an artist. You may feel the work is finished one day, and then a week later, you may see several things that you'd like to change.

Time is always the best test to determine whether a work is finished or not. (Perhaps if you're working with a model, they may cooperate with your need for additional time!) When you return to the work a number of times and you are at a loss as to what you can do to make any improvements, then that is when it's complete.

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