Planar Rendering of Complex Forms

When rendering complex forms, such as the palm fronds in Chapter 8, it is helpful to simplify the forms into facets or planes. Once you are able to think of form in these terms, you can draw more complicated three-dimensional objects.

Interpret Form Through Planes 148

Cross-Sections of Form 150

The Planes of the Hand 152

The Planes of the Head 153

Choose Your Subject and Prepare Your Materials 154

Let the Light Reveal the Planes 155

Drawing Demonstration: A Palm and a Deer Skull 156

Gallery: Geometric Drawings 164

Planes Draw Human Head

The subjects that we have been rendering so far have included objects that for the most part can be analyzed in terms of basic geometric forms such as the sphere, the cube, or the cylinder. In this section, you will be introduced to some concepts that will help you render your own organic or irregular shaped objects in tone.

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