Light And Shadow

Now that the drawing of the subject is more advanced, you can focus attention on developing the drawing tonally. As mentioned earlier in this chapter, this will be a "high-keyed" drawing by focusing on the lightest half of the tonal range, from white to about 50-percent gray. This means that you will have to gradually and selectively develop the darker areas of your subject.

By pushing most of the tones toward the light end of the tonal spectrum, notice how you can create the illusion of a dark tree by only shading the tree to a mid-tone (gray). It appears to be dark because it's surrounded by so many light tones.

This is another example of how each area of the picture influences the way the rest of the picture is seen.

Building on what you have learned in Chapter 5, you can establish patterns of light and shadow throughout your entire drawing. In this image, notice how quickly a sense of atmosphere and space are created using just basic light and shadow shapes.

How Draw Basic Shapes With Shadows

After more tonal development, we have placed a few darker accents in our composition. These dark accents help to stress the lightness and airiness of the drawing, by making the light areas appear even lighter.

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ignize Tonal Differences use this drawing is rendered in a small range of tones, the changes between tones are sub-chieving the subtle differences between tones is easier if you smooth out the graphite with a ; or a paper towel.

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