Gallery One Point Perspectives continued

Although this image is a painting, it is included here because it displays the artist's knowledge of perspective. Once you have mastered the rules of perspective, you can create a believable space such as this. One-point perspective is used to dramatic effect to suggest the wide, lonely, seemingly never-ending road of a Texas town. The painting has a precision of drawing objects in perspective which adds to its very believable sense of realism. Through its accuracy, you can get a very clear sense of the vantage point, eye level, and the horizon line of the artist as he viewed his subject.

Mcgregor Texas
Passing Storm/McGregor Texas, by Rod Penner, courtesy of the artist and OK Harris Works of Art

In this precise, formalized street scene, the artist has an acute sense of observation. The lamp posts and sign posts are emphasized with a darker tone. This accentuates the curve of the sidewalk, which leads our eye, first around this curve, and then toward the vanishing point. In contrast to Penner's painting (on the previous page), Gaetjen has suggested a more closed and narrow space by using this compositional device.

Drawing With Closed Spaces

Crown and Orange Streets II, by Josh Gaetjen, courtesy of the artist

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