From the Negative

to the Positive Discover the Potential of Line chapter

While you are looking at the positive shapes of the leaf within the squares, you should also look at the negative shapes that are formed around the leaf within the shape of each square. It is often easier to "find" the positive shapes of the objects that you are drawing while focusing on the negative shapes.

The yellow color around the leaves indicates what some of these negative shapes look like in the setup, as seen through the grid. This is what the drawing looks like in the initial "mapping-out" of the forms of the palm frond.

Notice that the first shapes are generalizations of the complex frond. After you establish the overall shape, it is much easier to find the shape and position of the small, spiky forms of the frond.

How Draw Seashells


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! sure that you draw your initial lines very lightly at you can easily erase any mistakes.

With the still life setup of the plants, the seashell, and the pot, and the grid clamped vertically to the table in front of the objects, you can proceed to "block in" the entire drawing.

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