Final Stage

This is the finished drawing. The contrast between the tones hasn't been altered, but transitional tones were added between each plane to further enhance the level of realism in the drawing. More details were added to the deer skull, while ensuring that the overall feeling of form wasn't compromised. The artist also added some shading in various areas on the floor around the objects to suggest cast shadows. Doing this also helped to define the plane of the floor.

Www Century Pencil Shading Com
Still Life from Above, by Dean Fisher

In this copy of a fascinating sketch by the nineteenth-century artist Luca Cambiaso, you can see how the artist literally built the figures of this composition out of a variety of rectangular blocks by considering the large planes of the figures. With a great knowledge of the mechanics of the human figure, Cambiaso created a very believable group of figures in motion and gave them a feeling of solidity and light through the use of these simplified forms.

This could have been a preliminary study for a large-scale figure painting, or simply an exercise in the gesture and movement of the human figure.

How Draw Stagecoach

This is a copy of a beautifully simplified hand study by a seventeenth-century Italian artist. See how the artist aimed to render the essential structure of the hand. All of the large planes of the hand and fingers are "chiseled out" on the paper, omitting all detail. What remains is a very solid hand in a convincing gesture of holding a sphere-like object.

Plaster Figure Pencil
Copy after Bartolomeo Passarotti's Studies of Hands and Nude Figures, by Dean Fisher

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