Erase and Add Making Shapes

The light on the still life setup is hitting roughly the top quarter of the vase. To achieve a lighter light area, you need to take an eraser and gently erase the shape of the large lit area. Do not erase too much. This area should not be lighter than the lightest light. You need to create a tone that does not conflict with the lightest light. If you do not make this tone slightly darker than the lightest light, the illusion of light, and therefore the illusion of form, will be destroyed.

In this image, the artist is indicating the top lip of the vase. The artist erased the shape that is catching the light. Again, do not make this area lighter than the lightest light or highlight. Check your proportions, and make sure the height of your object is proportional to its width. (See "Measure Your Object" in Chapter 4.)

To further emphasize the light on the top half of the vase, the artist added more tone to the area around the outside of the top half of the vase. He used a 4B pencil to add more tone onto the paper. This facilitates the illusion of the lit area of the vase coming forward and "popping out" at us.

In this image, the artist added more tone again, but this time he added a shape to suggest the shadow area at the bottom of the vase. The tone of this shadow is not darker than the darkest dark. By making the tone slightly lighter than the darkest dark, the artist has enabled the bottom half of the vase to come forward. If the tone was the same as the darkest dark, the vase would appear flat and, consequently, have no form.

The shape of shadow was lengthened on the left side of the vase. This tone is very close to the tone used at the bottom of the vase.

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