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This drawing shows a corner of a room being lit by natural light through a window. The light sifts gently over the objects and casts soft shadows. There is a shape of darker tone, running under the sink and the countertop, and in the left side of the sink. The darkest area defines the separation of the sink and the countertop. The artist has kept his shadows light to impart the sense of daylight filtering into every object and onto every surface.

How Draw Shadows Different Objects
Kitchen Sink, by Richard Maury, courtesy of Claire Maury and Forum Gallery, New York, NY

This drawing also uses natural light to reveal form. There is more than one light source in this drawing. There is a wide range of tones. The artist has used his tones extensively to suggest the form of the figure, the textures of different objects in the room, as well as the room itself (including the walls and floor). All of these elements receive the light in a different manner, which creates a large variation in the tonal scale.

How Draw Figure With BackgroundHow Draw Louise

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