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The short neck of the vase is more fully formed with the addition of shapes of darker tone to the sides of the neck of the vase (as shown here). These shapes on either side of the neck seem roughly triangular. When you add tone with your pencil, keep the edges soft. Do not use a line of any sort to suggest the end of the shadow area. If you do, you will flatten out the form and will not be able to achieve the roundness of the form.

The middle of the neck of the vase was also in shadow. This was not a deep shadow but was certainly a darker tone than any tone in the light area. Therefore, a soft tone was added to the tone that was already on the paper. While the artist added the tone, he kept standing away from his drawing to check all of the tones at a distance. This is very important. If you do this often, you can see and correct mistakes before they become very large mistakes!

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