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This section provides the instructions for constructing your own grid. You can also purchase a wooden picture frame or artist's canvas stretchers for this purpose if you don't have the tools to build the frame.

1 To make the grid pictured on the previous page, construct a simple 28" x 20" wooden frame from a 1" x 2" piece of wood cut to length. Be sure that the corners are perfectly square when joining these pieces together.

2 Drill %" holes every 4" on all four sides of the frame. You'll need to be accurate in your measurements because otherwise, the lines of the grid will be off.

3 Run string or heavy thread through all of the vertical holes to form the horizontal lines, and then run a separate thread or string through all of the horizontal holes to form the vertical lines. It's essential that the string be pulled taut to accurately create 4" squares.

4 To use the grid, you can clamp it to the table in front of the still life, making sure that the frame is vertical from both the front and the side.

Note: Before you attempt to clamp the grid to the table, make sure that the tabletop is level; this makes it much easier to place the grid level and vertical in front of your still life.

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