Juliette Aristides

Sutherland 3 Resting, p. 255

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Yumiko Dorsey

Cast drawing after an unknown nineteenth century artist's rendition of Moses, p. 185

Michael Hoppe

Cast drawing after Charles Barque's Belvedere Torso, p. 188

Joshua Lanstaff

Cast drawing of the head of the Callipygian Venus, p. 186

Annie Rosen

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Striding Figure, Quick Study, p. 39

Seated Figure, Quick Study, p. 42

Portrait Study, p. 43

Head Study, p. 54

Head Study, p. 64

Arrangement in Graphite, p. 65

Figure at Rest, p. 71 and 236

Aidan with Vases, p. 81

Stowe Barn, chapter opener image and p. 113

Copy after Leonardo da Vinci's Head of Saint Philip, p. 120

Children on a bus, p. 121

Figure Study, p. 122

Study of Horses, p. 122

Portrait Study, p. 124

Still Life in Line, p. 136

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Studies, p. 148-153

Still Life from Above, p. 163

Copy after Luca Cambiaso's Group of Figures, p. 164

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Copy after a Greek statue, p. 170 and 172 Copy after a Roman statue, p. 171 and 173 Cast Study, p. 183

Study after Diego Velazquez de Silva's Aesop, p. 194

Self Portrait, p. 196

Self Portrait with Head Tilt, p. 198

Copy after Andrea del Sarto's Head of an Apostle, p. 200

Profile of a Woman, p. 202

Anatomical Studies, p. 204 and 205

Copy after Edgar Degas' Head of a Man, p. 206 and 210

Portrait of Tommy, p. 217

Study of a Figure, p. 224

Portrait, p. 225

Copy after Peter Paul Rubens' Study of Male Figure, Seen from Behind, p. 232

Copy after Peter Paul Rubens' Nude Woman, p. 234

Copy after Michelangelo Buonarroti's Studies for the Crucified Human, p. 243

Seated Figure, p. 245

Figure Study in Motion, p. 246

Back Study, p. 253

Crouching Figure, p. 258

Woman with Companion, p. 259

Study after Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corofs The Augustan Bridge at Narni, p. 266 and 270

Study after Peter Paul Rubens' A View of Het Steen in the Early Morning, 268

Study after Claude Monet's Sunday at Argenteuil, p. 269 Study of a Tree, p. 272 Study of Trees, p. 273

Shell Fisher Portrait of an Elderly Woman, p. 141 Portrait of Sergi Rachmaninoff, p. 222

Josh Gaetjen

Crown and Orange Streets II, p. 91 Building on Orange Street, p. 115

Antonio Lopez Garcia VEGAP Image Bank:

Antonio Lopez Torres' House, p. 9

Interior de Water, p. 89

Francesco Guardi

Cleveland Museum of Art

Piazza San Marco, Venice, p. 88

Heidi Harrington

Portrait of Mary Crisp, p. 220

Silvius Krecu

The Russian Girl, p. 11 Reclining Nude, p. 143 Portrait of Rosa, p. 221

Constance Lapalombara

Still Life, p. 12 Street Scene, p. 68 Afternoon on Crown, p. 114 Bottles and Vases, p. 144

Tim Lowly

Lakewood, p. 50

Richard Maury

Claire Maury Curran, Forum Gallery, New York, NY Kitchen Sink, p. 70

Jack Montmeat

Portrait Study, p. 117

Copy after a Luca della Robbia sculpture, p. 168

Cast drawing after a Jean-Bapsiste Carpeaux sculpture, p. 184

Cast drawing after a Luca della Robbia sculpture, p. 189 Portrait of Sue, p. 218

Leonard Moskowitz

Monhegan Boat, p. 263

Rita Natarova

Roman glass 1, p. 10

Kenneth Pace

Contact authors via their Web sites Figure Study, p. 66

Rod Penner

OK Harris Works of Art

Passing Storm/McGregor Texas, p. 90

Warren Prindle

Perspective Study, p. 275

Erin Raedeke

Backyard December, p. 277 J.S. Robinson

Looking Downtown from Midtown, p. 7 and 271

Figure Study, p. 37

Figure Study, p. 45

Seated Figure, p. 67

Looking Downtown II, p. 93

Still Life Studies, p. 51-52

Figure Study, p. 123 Horizontal, p. 125 Resting Figure, p. 145 Copy after a Roman statue, p. 171 Figure at Rest, p. 228

Copy after Nicholas Poussin's The Holy Family of Steps, p. 230

Copy after Taddero Zuccaro's Nude Male Figure with Upraised Arms, p. 231

Copy after Andrea del Sarto's Studies of Hands, p. 233 Study of a Back," p. 235

Copy after Giovanni Battista Tiepolo's Two Bacchantes, p. 240

Copy after Peter Paul Ruben's Study of Lower Leg and Foot, p. 242

Reclining Nude, p. 244

Standing Figure, p. 257

The Edge of the Field, p. 274

London Skyline, p. 276

Peter Paul Rubens

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Feast of Herod, p. 142

Justin Wiest

Pandora, p. 116

Roger Van Damme

Contact authors via their Web sites

Cup Still Life, p.13 and p. 81

Figure Study, p.256, courtesy of Roger Van Damme;

William Bailey, artist,

Annette Voreyer

Contact authors via their Web sites

Thumbnail sketches and painting, p. 265


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