Complex Still Life Drawing

We hope we have created a book which will inspire the reader, through the ideas and imagery presented, to find the process of becoming a skilled artist less frustrating and more enjoyable.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of all the artists who took part in this project by generously allowing us to reproduce their work.

Also, thanks to our editors Pam Mourouzis and Donna Wright from Wiley Publishing for their friendliness and patience during this process.

Table of Contents

What Is Drawing?

Flatness into Form: An Introduction from Dean Fisher 4

Drawn to Create: An Introduction from Josephine Robinson 6

A Gallery of Drawings to Inspire You 8



Drawing Materials

A Sample of Drawing Tools 16

Different Papers 18


In the Studio

Lighting 22

Ample Space 25

Types of Easels 26

Mirror Use 28

Where to Buy 29

Prepare to Draw

Arrange and Light Your Subject 32

Tone Your Paper 36

Make Your Marks 38

Examples of Graphite Marks 40

Measure Your Object 44

Find the Angles 46

l chapter <

Discover the Pattern of Light and Shadow

See the Value of Squinting 50

The Range of Tones 53

Tone: From Dark to Light 54

Set Up the Still Life 56

Key Your Drawing 58

The Peephole 59

Develop the Tonal Range 60

Reflected Light 64

Textures and Nuances 65

Gallery: Examples of Light and Shadow 66


Introduction to One-Point Perspective

What Is One-Point Perspective? 74

One-Point Perspective in Everyday Life 76

Determine the Perspective 78

Create a Perspective Grid 80

The Ellipse in Perspective 81

Draw Tonally in Perspective 82

Gallery: One-Point Perspectives 88

Ellipses Everyday LifeLne Drawings Everyday Objects

Discover the Potential of Line

Introduction to Line Drawing . . .

Examples of Line Drawing

Irregular Objects as Still Life____

Using a Grid for Accuracy

Construct a Grid

How to Use Your Grid

From the Negative to the Positive

Block In the Setup

Variations on a Palm Frond

Complex Still Life Drawing

Gallery: Line Drawings

Planar Rendering of Complex Forms

Interpret Form Through Planes

Cross-Sections of Form

The Planes of the Hand

The Planes of the Head

Choose Your Subject and Prepare Your Materials

Let the Light Reveal the Planes

Drawing Demonstration: A Palm and a Deer Skull Gallery: Geometric Drawings

Line Drawings Deer Skulls

Draw a Plaster Cast

The Tradition of Plaster Cast Drawing 168

A Day at the Museum 169

Plaster Cast Drawing in Charcoal 174

Gallery: Plaster Cast Drawings 184


The Portrait

The Allure of the Portrait 192

The Portrait in Three Dimensions 194

Facial Features 206

Drawing a Tonal Portrait 214

Gallery: Portrait Drawings 218

Tonal Drawing Nuts And Bolts


Drawing the Human Figure

Set Up the Model Pose 228

Light the Model 229

Light Reveals the Form 230

Copy Works of Art in Museums 235

Find Your Guidelines 236

Examples of Foreshortening 240

Find the Gesture of the Pose: Quick Sketches 244

Add a Color to Your Paper 248

Gallery: Human Figure Drawings 254

Virtual Pose Drawing Human Figure

The Landscape

The "Nuts and Bolts" of Landscape Drawing 262

The Thumbnail Sketch 264

The Structure of the Landscape 266

The Planes of the Landscape 267

Linear Perspective 268

Aerial Perspective 270

The Form of Trees 272

Gallery: Landscape Drawings 274

Aerial Landscape Drawing Trees

Glossary 278

Appendix 280

Index 284

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