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Fashion Drawing Figure Templates Ebook: The variety of fashion design briefs will inspire you to get started. If you are unsure what to draw for your fashion designs, then I will show you how to begin. Download the ebook and print out the pages or read the pages offline in your browser. Contents Fashion Drawing Figure Templates: Drawing Fashion Hints, Tips and Basic Templates. Model Outlines Elegant Templates. Model Outlines Strident Templates. Model Outlines Sexy Templates. Model Outlines Confident Templates. Model Outlines Back and Side Templates. Fashion Gallery of My Storyboards. Fashion Samples of Manipulated Fabrics. 80 Fashion Design Briefs, Hints and Tips Continue reading...

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Simple Human Perspective

Easy Pencil Drawings Nature

To a beginner, full compositions can seem overwhelming. Just remember, most elaborate drawings are just a grouping of smaller drawings. This particular drawing is made up of three main subjects the building, the tree left of the building and the sheep. Approach it with the idea that each is a separate drawing that contributes to the whole. Take your time, be patient with yourself and enjoy the process. Gauging Proportions p. 28 Creating Values p. 51 Measuring Angles p. 30 Leafy Trees p. 56...

Sketch Of Pencil And Eraser

Pencil With Eraser

If you want to draw a thin line, you will need a sharp point on the tip of your pencil. You can sharpen your pencils in two ways with a pencil sharpener or by hand, using a craft knife and a sandpaper pad. Pencil Sharpeners Are the Simplest Way to Keep Pencils Sharp A pencil sharpener is the quickest and easiest way to keep the tips of your pencils sharp. Pencil Sharpeners Are the Simplest Way to Keep Pencils Sharp A pencil sharpener is the quickest and easiest way to keep the tips of your...

Capture The Character Of A Tree

Cottonwood Tree Sketch

To present trees in your drawings that have a reasonable resemblance to the type of trees you wish to portray, you must study the characteristics of the various trees you come into contact with. If you squint your eyes while looking at a tree, you will see a pattern of darks and lights, as illustrated in Sketch A. All trees have a pattern to their foliage it's different for each tree, but it's a definite pattern. Drawing B illustrates an oak tree in which the main trunk usually grows straight...

How To Draw Black Cat Anime Drawing By Pencil

Drawing Pencil

Add Reflections and Final Darks and Details Add reflections with back-and-forth horizontal strokes using a 4H pencil. Lightly indicate distant water and trees near the horizon. Add some darks to the boats with a 4B pencil and darken much of the foreground boat with the 4H pencil. Add some simple seagull shapes with a 4H pencil. Sign and date your artwork. Graphite on drawing paper 11 X 14 28cm X 36cm Acid-free paper. Paper that has not been processed with acid. Acid can cause paper to yellow...


Cartoon Drawings For Civil Engg

1 8.7 Sketches of Classical Furniture This makes no great demands on the draftsman, provided the furniture has more or less closed forms. The horizon line is plotted first, as always Then come the verticals, which also provide height-to-width proportions for the various faces The vanishing lines converge left and right on common vanishing points on the horizon. If these vanishing points are unattainable, we can use scale lines to indicate the correct vanishing line direction. Another drawing...

Draw Animal Limbs

Animal Legs Parallel Moment Drawing

These three examples show you how the three main categories of mammals' hands work relative to ours. Humans are plantigrades. We plant our whole foot down on the ground. Digigrade animals walk on the ball of their feet and hands. In the unguligrade example, the joint above the hoof is like our knuckles. These animals walk on the tips of their toes. The foot hos the same changes in it as the hand does amongst the three examples. Look at the change in the hoofed animal versus the humans and dogs....

Sketching The Figure In Action From Imagination

Drawing Figures Action

And setup the figure in action is not as dl ffi cult as it looks and setup the figure in action is not as dl ffi cult as it looks DRAW SOME OF THESE, BUT DRAW MANY OF YOUR OWN keep your drawing's fr.e b, and sketchy. draw many figures at various eye leve-ls. keep your drawing's fr.e b, and sketchy. draw many figures at various eye leve-ls. a s mpl way of Getting female proport ons-take to knees- to waist, to topof head. 3 fiy X TOP OP HI6A0 THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN rHE MALE AND FEMALE...

How To Draw Manga Hand

How Draw Open Hand Step Step

The fingers taper toward the ends, but widen out at the joints. The finger bones extend beyond the knuckles into the back of the hand. Looking at the shapes in between the fingers helps you to get the fingers right The thumb is attached at a large joint positioned close to the wrist. Here's where you really have to get to know your skeleton, because the shape of hands is dictated almost entirely by their bones. Muscle groups rarely have any definition because, although maximum dexterity is a...

Anime Woman Sketch

Drawing Face Acrowd

The femur thigh-bone is fitted into the pelvis at a ball-and-socket joint which offers free forward movement with some sideways and rotary articulation. Backward movement can only be effected by tilting the pelvis. The bones of the neck are the seven cervical vertebrae that comprise the upper portion of the spine. The large muscles which affect the shape of the neck are the trapezius at the back and, at the front, the sternomastoids, which run from the back of the ear down towards the inner...

Charcoal And Conte Sanguine

Snow Mountains Clouds Sketches

Part of the enjoyment in drawing is the variety of papers and surfaces to work on, as well as the many mediums available to draw with. For this drawing, I chose a piece of Ingres Antique laid paper in earth color. This is a mould-made paper with lines embedded during the manufacturing process. I used a sanguine drawing pencil made by Cont . Sanguine is reddish in color, though Cont makes various shades of sanguine you may want to try them all to see what you prefer. This is a sketch of a walnut...

The road of rhythm

Roller Coaster Blueprints

A rhythm is the beautiful interplay of different energies in the body that helps it stay in balance, or creates equilibrium. Rhythm exists in all living things. Your understanding of rhythm will help you create living drawings. Gravity is the reason we have rhythmic balance in our bodies. Our anatomy is not linear but asymmetrical in its musculature. This allows us motion against the force of gravity and equalization when standing still. Understanding this will help you draw a living, grounded,...


How Draw Human Head Plates

Here you see how the scale works out in practice. The circle represents the ball, and the width is the width of the head, including the ears. We find that the face is about two units wide and that the eyes fall between the middle halves or at the quarter points of the two units see upper right . This coincides with the divisions of the ball and plane with which you are already familiar.

The Thumbnail Sketch

Drawing Narni

The thumbnail sketch is a very small sketch approximately 2 x 2 of your subject as you are viewing it through your viewfinder. The purpose of this type of preliminary sketch is to visualize how your subject will look once you begin drawing it larger on your paper. Because of the simplicity and rapidity of execution, these sketches are very useful for experimenting with the arrangement of your subject within the format of your paper. It is recommended that you do two or three thumbnail sketches...

Drawing the Cylinder First

Cooking Pot Drawing

The artist first drew a true cylinder, then 2. He darkened the correct lines, then placed a fresh sheet determined the sides of the pot and the width of its rim. of paper over the drawing and transferred the darkened lines, thereby cleaning up his drawing. Cooking Pot, 1. Again, Ihe artist drew the entire geometric cylinder first. He observed the depth and the width of the pol m relation to its height, and indicated the dimensions of the 2. Here's the refined drawing of the...

Realistic Oak Tree Drawings

Oak Tree Outline Drawing

Some of the most distinctive characteristics of oak trees are the heavy boughs with twisted, angular branches. These boughs and branches can easily be seen because oak trees have many more sky holes than most trees. Another outstanding feature is the downward thrust of the lower branches, as shown in the graph-ite-pencil drawing at right. The foliage is often heavily branched, and in the fall, it puts out a beautiful scarlet and red-orange leaf. Whereas most trees drop their leaves in the fall,...

Now Take A Common Object

Low Poly Model


The Buttocks Crotch and Legs

Female Manga Body Pain

When viewed from the side, this point is slightly off the floor. Drawing lines where the thighs enter the buttocks gives the buttocks a well-rounded look. When viewed from the side, this point is slightly off the floor. Drawing lines where the thighs enter the buttocks gives the buttocks a well-rounded look. On a hard floor, there will be a gap between the waist and the floor.

Tips On Drawing Animals

Simplified Skeleton Drawing

Bears have a tendency to be pigeon-toed. The paws of the cat family spread out slightly. Most hoofed animals are slightly knock-kneed more so when they're young. Always indicate skeleton bones,- these will hold the sketch together. Once you are familiar with the relotive size of the various bones, drawing becomes eosier It is well to divido the body into three port foroquorters, belly, and rear quarters. Sinco this is a natural division, I aid in achioving proper proportion. Draw in dorsal...

Special Body Centipede Type nsfrobbcystype t design original

Realistic Drawing Robots With Colours

You are free to choose the number of joints, shape, thickness and form. Use the arms of cranes and excavators as a reference. Arm Forms They are based on prisms and cylinders. The arm structure resembles that of a crane. Arm Forms They are based on prisms and cylinders. The arm structure resembles that of a crane.

How To Draw Heads

Draw Heads

IT IS SUCICeSTEp THAT YOU PKAW YOUR OWN pEET IN MANY PTOSES , SETTING A MIRROR. ON THE. FLOOR. Ai-SO.THACT YOU SET UP SHOES AN 7 pfcAw THEM FROM MANY ANGLES ANF VIEWPOINTS. A typical problem outlined by an art buyer We always need artists who can draw heads well. Good drawings of heads are required in almost all advertising, for illustrations on magazine covers, and litho displays. An acceptable head must be in good drawing, to be sure, but that's only the beginning of its job. If it's a pretty...

Successful D

Fool The Eye Drawing

ALL DRAWING STEMS FROM ONE OR MORE OF THESE FORMS r- Art is really having its chance. The urge to raw seems to have taken hold of many more thousands today than ever before- 11 has spread across the nation. While many are interested in art as a pastime or hobby, others would gladly choose it as a means of livelihood if they were convinced that their ability was sufficient to provide any real hope of success. There will always be a certain amount of confusion about what is talent or native...

Sunflower Fairy by Myrea Pettit

Sunflower Anime

The inspiration for this charming Sunflower Fairy came from the artists young niece, who was photographed sitting in a tree. Children make wonderful subjects as they are so relaxed and supple in their positions, and sketching them from a series of photographs is the easy way to go about it. Don't ask them to pose candid shots look Once you are satisfied with the positioning anJ perspective, ink in lite face, doth es, and hands ici tJTfi rnter hut still soft lines. Carefully position the fairy...

Downward Thumb Rotation

When the thumb is extended and lying close to the line of the index finger, the maximum elevation it can achieve here is a position just barely above the level of the palm, The upper sketch demonstrates this limitation, As the thumb rotates downward, it will cross the index finger boundary at At As it slips past, the thumbnail angle will be past the 90-degjee vertical to 100 and 120 degrees lt sec thumb at B gt . In these extreme positions. the thumb will go into Opposition to all the fingers....

How To Draw With Charcoal

Light Shade Strong Contrast Portrait

The artist draws the outer contours of the face over the egg shape, capturing the curves of the checks, jaw, and chin. Swift, curving iines capture the sweep of the hair around the head and over the forehead. He draws the first few lines of the features over the guidelines of Step 1 the curves of the eyebrows and the upper lids the side and underside of the nose and the upper and lower lips. The one visible ear is aligned with the eye and nose. As you can see, the roughness of the paper...

Drawing Tools and Equipment

Sketching And Drawing

Acquiring your drawing equipment can be exciting, and possibly a bit overwhelming. I still get a great deal of joy going into an art store and wandering around to see what's new. I get the same feeling when a new catalog comes in the mail. I find myself going through the whole catalog even though I might only need a few pencils. It is the thrill or anticipation of finding something new to work with that magic pen or brush that somehow always eludes us. As time goes by, you are going to want to...

Spiral Folds

Fabric Fold Pencil Sketches

No matter how complicated the fold appears, it can be traced to a few basic principles. These few principles should be catalogued and kept as far apart in the mind as possible. One should be able to draw at all times, any one of these seven distinctive characters without notes or a model. Think of the part they play so that when confronted by the costumed model, you are less liable to get lost in depicting these ever changing folds. The arrangements of curved and diagonal lines fit the rounded...

How To Draw Portrait With Proportions

Step Portrait Drawing

Above the horizontal guideline that represents the dividing line between the lips, the artist draws the upper lip with just a few crisp lines, plus a single line for the curve leading upward to the base of the nose, In the same way, he draws the lower lip with a few angular lines and then carefully draws the shape of the chin with curving strokes. Notice the slanted line that touches the lips of the upper and lower lips at the right- This is an important guideline because it indicates...

Sketches Of Human Anatomy

Sketch Human Feet Outline

By the aid of shadows is developed the true form of the model and to parts more or less advanced or depressed, are thereby given a location, as decided and certain as if seen in profile. So truly can they be expressed, on a flat surface, that a sculptor can model a bust, from a picture, and the eye may be so completely deceived, by their close representation, as scarcely to distinguish the reality from its counterfeit. It is, therefore, as essentially...

And Synthesis

Human Body

The shape of the human body depends a great deal on its structure, so an artist's knowledge of anatomy is useful though not necessary when he attempts to draw a human figure correctly If you have 110 knowledge of anatomy, observation and synthesis is also a good way. Learning to observe your model is fundamental for understanding how the figure is articulated, and synthesis is essential for summarizing or breaking down a subject to its essential parts, into the elements of the figure that have...

The Mouth

Mouth Teeth Drawing

After the eyes the mouth is the second most expressive element of the face. The pinkish colour of the lips is due to the tissue they are made of, transitional between the mucous membrane found inside the mouth and the skin. When drawing the lips make sure that, above all, you carefully draw the line which separates them - ensure that it lies on the semi-cylindrical surface of the jaw bones and follows the rules of perspective I have already mentioned. The simple sketches shown below indicate...

Medieval Armor Parts

Futuristic Small Handguns

Basic tones are applied to define the curves. - lassic suit of armor can be rendered into a nodern-day mecha by simplifying and deforming ne parts without significantly altering the overall Underarm and seam of sleeveless undergarmer Different version of shoulder pad and sleeveless undergarment Use the helmet lines to form the head. Emphasize sturdiness by extending and thickening the shoulders. Create three-dimensional effects thickness and hardness by adding lines such as these. make up for...

Kinger And Thumb Closure

Three Finger Drawing

When the hand closes into a fist, the last three fingers precede the index finger and close into the somewhat triangular hollow of the palm below the row of knuckles at tlx base. Interestingly, these fingers all seem to be of equal length as closure occurs, and the tips line up in the palm hoi low. In the second phase, as the three rear fingers go into a tight flexion, there is little room in the palm for closing the forefinger. Any attempt to do so feels uncomfortable. But the thumb closing in...

How Moving the Shoulders and Arms Affects the Shape of the Breasts

Woman Manga

With arms raised, the chest thrusts forward. Subtle differences between when the arms are down and when they are raised can be seen clearly in side view. When the arms are raised, the muscles in the chest are also pulled upwards, and the breasts change shape. Subtle differences between when the arms are down and when they are raised can be seen clearly in side view. When the arms are raised, the muscles in the chest are also pulled upwards, and the breasts change shape. When drawing a figure...

Constructive Sketches

Drawing Faces Eyes Nose Mouth

The head can be compared to the geometric shape of an ovoid and this, at the beginning at least, makes drawing it simpler, as far as proportions, as well as light and shadows are concerned. Notice how the two ovoids which represent the face and the skull can be superimposed. However, the roughly round shape of the head can also be divided into flat areas. As a whole, these 'surface planes', are useful for concisely shaping areas of light and shadow. Try drawing surface planes on to photographs...

Good Understanding Of Anatomyis Essential

Action Poses Anatomy

ALL MEASUREMENTS must first be understood to build form in some degree of order and proportion is not easy for all artists to do,but with the use of manikins this task of learning is made much easier. no matter how you progress in developing a style of your own the basic shape should and must be evident at all times to speed your delivery. ON THE HUMAN FORM,there are no placed markings that can be visually read to improve your placement. IDENTIFYING SHAPE,on surface form must be...

Hands paws hooves

Paw Paw Sketch

Like with legs, there are several ways to throw a bit more human or a bit more animal in the mix. On one end of the spectrum, there are the normal human hands, but with a bit of fur and longer nails A fifty-fifty mix of human and animal traits is quite common. Usually this is done by making the fingers shorter and shaped more like a paw, and by adding paw pads. Here the pads are placed according to the anatomy of the animal as seen in the previous chapter , but you'll see many varieties. Some...

Front View

Drawing Face View Anime

Make sure that the hp is not as wide asthe shoulder. If you want to make the cha-acter locks like a super mode I the n ma ke th e wa et th in a rd t he sh ould er sh ould be w rJer t han the h ip an d the leg shou Id be n ice a nd lo ng. Drawing the front view is h side rtha n drawing the side view and the back view. Th efront view shows everything about th e character's appe aran ce to her characte ristic s Below is an e lt ample of drawing a frontv lew. The character is drawn turn a bits ide...

Perspective Grid

The Cone Vision

His parents at ground level might have this view. The horizontal and vertical lines appear to converge and all surfaces are foreshortened. The vertical lines give a sense of vertically but they are not actually parallel to the edge of the page. Note that this viewpoint is more revealing than the first. 4. If Junior walked around the bench and looked at the end head-on, the true geometry of the end rectangle would appear. The bench top, though, would strongly converge and foreshorten. Notice...

The Proper Way To Hold A Pencil

Pencil Drawing Outdoors

The way you hold your pencil or any drawing tool will affect the outcome of your work. Holding it as you would if you were writing see photo at top is good for detailed or controlled work, as you are primarily moving only your fingers and wrist. On the other hand, when sketching and drawing outdoors, you'll want more freedom. Try to move not only your wrist, but the whole arm, giving the mobility and the sweep needed for working on large sheets of paper. The bottom photo shows how to hold your...

Showing all manner of negative spaces

Winslow Homer Sketch Chair

These drawings are intriguingly pleasurable to look at, even when the positive forms are as mundane as schoolroom chairs. One could speculate that the reason is that the method of drawing raises to a conscious level the unity of positive and negative shapes and spaces. Another reason may be that the technique results in excellent compositions with particularly interesting divisions of shapes and spaces within the format. Learning to see clearly through drawing can surely enhance your capacity...

Side View Of Condition

Object Drawing Sketching

OVERLAPPING This obvious technique must be emphasized because may beginners tend to avoid it. It is based on the fact that lines of sight intercepted by an opaque object simply stop, so that objects beyond are partially or totally concealed literally blocked off . The result is a strong sense of foreground and background planes, forwardness and beyondness, in other words, DEPTH. Chapter 5 PRINCIPAL AIDS-VANISHING POINTS In views of real life, and therefore in realistic pictures, the eye level...

Fine Point Brush Drawing

DRAWN WITH A SMALL CAMEL'S HA.tR BR.U3H AND DRAWING INK ON RlSTOL 130ARP DRAWN WITH A SMALL CAMEL'S HA.tR BR.U3H AND DRAWING INK ON RlSTOL 130ARP A number of typical problems in a contest for sculptural designs 1. The problem is to design a group of figures for a large fountain to be placed in the center of a circular pool fifty feet in diameter. The subject is, I am America. I give thee liberty and a free life. The drawings are to be submitted for interpretation of idea only. The group may...


Colored Pencil Nature Drawing

Nature gives us a wonderful array of things to draw. Skies, water, sunsets and flowers simply look out your window for unending inspiration Suede board is a wonderful drawing surface for nature scenes and flowers. It creates a pastel-like quality to the subject and makes sky tones and flower petals appear soft and smooth. Even though suede board is soft, it is still possible to use firm pressure to create distinct edges and overlaps, which are important when drawing natural subjects. Light gray...


Human Figure Perspective Sketch

Perspective is a graphic method which helps to represent spatial depth on a flat surface. Therefore, to be represented correctly, the head too needs to be drawn like any other object bearing in mind the rules of perspective. The diagrams shown below will be enough, I think, to remind you of some of the basic principles, such as the horizon line, the viewpoint and the vanishing points. If you imagine the head within a cube whose edges touch its most protruding points, you will find it easy to...

Human Face Sketches

Rendering Human Body Pencil

Now, to show you how to put together everything you've learned so far, the artist draws a front view of a complete head. He starts out with the traditional egg shape and visualizes the neck as a slightly slanted cylinder. For symmetry, he draws a vertical guideline down the center of the egg. Then he adds horizontal guidelines for the brow, eyes. nose, and mouth. He divides the eye line into five different parts two of these parts will become eyes, of course, but the space between them...

Foreshortening and Perspective

Human Anatomy Drawings Women

THE drawing opposite by Jean-Baptiste Greuze is a good example of fore-shortening and on page 43 I have posed a model somewhat similarly, but in about as difficult a pose as you could imagine. Almost every part of her is foreshortened or distorted in some way. This is done to show you one of those occasions when your brain and your eye have a head-on clash. Your mind, with its knowledge of what happens when the model stands up and the foreshortening disappears, confuses your eye, which is only...

Light and Shade

Hands Anatomical Drawings

Shade with the idea that light and shade are to aid the outline you have drawn in giving the impression of solidity, breadth and depth. Keep before you the conception of a solid body of four sides composed of a few great masses, and avoid all elaborate and unnecessary tones which take away from the thought that the masses or planes on the sides must appear to be on the sides while those on the front must appear to be on the front of the body. No two tones of equal size or intensity should...

OPEN am Closed Approaches

Sketching Tutorial

The contour of the figure is usually depicted fully in a closed drawing. All of the figure's anatomy, as well as the light that falls on the body, arc clearly defined, leaving little to the imagination of the viewer. Ink produces a uniform, lasting, worn-away line that proves very attractive when making suggestive, rough sketches of open figures. The closed figure is typified by a linear treatment of the figure's outline and a rich interior modeling. It is the closest to a classical or academic...

Felt Tip Pen Project Drawing Of A Harbour

Anime Sketches Pencil

Start this drawing by drawing the composition first with pencil. That way, if you make any mistakes you can rectify them by rubbing them out. To establish the composition or the drawing on the paper, use your previous learning. For example, use the window mount to help you frame your picture. As you look through the window on the world move it about to establish a composition that you are happy with. Then draw what you see through the window on to your paper, placing and mapping the objects in...


Edgar Degas Figure Drawings

THIS is not a problem you should worry about too much, the most difficult problem is how to draw not what to draw with. Here to help you, however, should you be in doubt, are some of the methods you can use. I do stress that you should not worry too much, especially in the beginning, about your technique. Choose something simple and stick to it. If you are having trouble, it is probably because it's very difficult to draw the figure anyway and not the fault of your instruments if things go...

Charcoal Portrait Drawing

Charcoal Drawings Steps

Tlic point of the hard charcoal pencil Lists longer than the point on a medium or soft pencil, and so the artist continues to work with it to draw the precise shapes of the eyes, nose, mouth, checks, jaw, and chin. Now you can see both lids, the concave corner of one eye socket, the exact shape of the nostril, the winglike shape of the upper lip, and the full, squarish lower lip. Having defined the features, the artist scribbles the point of the hard pencil lightly over the tonal areas...

Anger The A L L Mprtant Eyes

Woman Glaring

THE EYE WHAT MAKES THE EYES LOOK INTENSE The expression of anger revolves around the eyes. The eyes widen in anger, and the wider they open, the angrier we look. What complicates matters slightly is the effect of the brow on the widened eye. Once the artist learns to account for this, great control over the expression of anger follows. 1. Neutral. A man's eyes, with heavy eyebrows quite close to the top of the upper lid. 2. Brow down. Simple contraction of corrugator, pulling the...

PLATE The baby hand

How Sketch Baby Hands

Babies' hands are a study in themselves. The basic difference from adults' hands is that the palm is relatively thicker in relation to the small fingers. The thumb muscle and heel of the baby hand are proportionately very powerful. Quite young babies have a grasp equal to their own weight. The knuckles across the back of the hand are buried in flesh and arc indicated by dimples. The base of the hand may be entirely 5urroundcd with creases. The heel of the hand is much thicker than the pads...

The Downward Gaze Vs The Closing

Gaze Diagram

The trickiest part of drawing the downward gaze is to not merely end up with a closed-looking eye. When the eyes simply close, the iris and pupil are covered in the process in the downward gaze, the eye leaves open a space large enough for the pupil to see through. This is accomplished by the bowing downward of the lower lid. A telltale crease, the signature fold for this action, appears below the lid as it moves. As the gaze drops further, the bow gets sharper and the crease deepens. The dip...

Freehand Drawing Or Sketching

Technical Drawing Curved Line

Definition of Freehand its uses to the artisan and draughtsman. IIow to draw Curves. Manipulation of the Pencil. Plotting Points. Examples copying a moulding, a cabinet screw driver, cylinders. A Stone Baluster. A Screw Wrench. Use ot Squared Paper enlarging and diminishing drawings. Scctional Tracing Paper -how to use it. Stone Carving for a Window Head. Various Hinges - description of their uses and sizes butt, back flap, table and desk hinges, trestle, parliament, pew, counter flap, hook and...

Figure Solution To Isometric Drawing Problem

Isometric Drawing Exercises

Figure 40 on the following page is a sample problem that involves the creation of an isometric drawing from given orthographic views that contain a slanted surface. The slanted surface is dimensioned by using an angular dimension. That presents a problem because angular dimensions cannot be directly transferred from orthographic views to isometric drawings.

Body Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing Analytical Sketching

Most art students and too many professional artists will do anything to avoid drawing the human figure in deep space. Walk through the life drawing classes of any art school and you'll discover that nearly every student is terrified of action poses with torsos tilting toward him or away from him, with arms and legs striding forward or plunging back into the distance twisting and bending poses in which the forms of the figure overlap and seem to conceal one another and worst of all, reclining...

The Human Figure In Motion

Make Animal Figures Human Figure


Anime Sketches And Drawings

Draw Female

To make the drawing look more Ike a cat girl, one sftoUd draw the fingernails longer. Don't draw the waist to inward or thinner, kee p it n onn ai. Then draining a tail keep it di or t, and don't make it touch the ground. Drawing an elf girl is very common for Japanese artists Drawing an elf girl is just like drawing any female character with some changes. One of the main difference between a normal female character and an elf girl is that the ears are drawn very long and outward from the side....

Freedom And Restriction In Subject

Violin Hands

Again, the two drawings here arc a contrast this time between the restrictions imposed by an object in the hands and complete freedom. In the drawing at right, the violin restricts hand position and behavior to its configurations. This would also lie true for behavior or maneuvers where machines or implements arc used. By contrast, the sketch at left is free and playful, and subject to numerous interpretations. Drawing this form allows the imagination free rein and is much less demanding than...

Movement In The Mannikin Frame

Movement The Mannikin Frame


Drawing Constructing The Body

Drawing The Human Body

We must measure the body standing and alive, concretely in nine parts with respect to its length. For able nature has shaped man in such a way that the face is found in the highest place, so that it be admired and offer the other parts of the body the principle of its We must measure the body standing and alive, concretely in nine parts with respect to its length. For able nature has shaped man in such a way that the face is found in the highest place, so that it be admired and offer the other...

Fashion Skirt Sketches

How Draw Ruffles

STUDENT'S MANUAL OF FASHION DRAWING LESSON III under-skirt as they run up to the waist line. The over-skirt is also sewed on at the waist but flares more than the underskirt as it descends. XX is the edge of the fold and hangs straight down. The square is the inside crease of the fold, which also hangs straight down from the belt, the lower part only being exposed to view. Begin with the curved .me in the front of the skirt that is, after the form is well drawn , then draw XX down from the...


Orthodox Priest Drawing

The hand with three fingers upraised signifies number three, indicating the presence of three persons, a food order, a place or date, an umpire's call, or a bid for cards. This is a special cultural form of counting, widely known but not universal. Another means of counting puts both hands to work. One hand is closed into a fist, and the opposite index finger tallies off cach number as the fingers flip out of the fist, starting with the tittle finger as number one. The result could be the...

The Back

Easy Draw Caricatures Body

The shoulder blades curve away from the spine. Each shoulder blade scapula has a narrow bone that travels across it called the spine of the scapula. The spine of the scapula protrudes deeply into the shoulder muscle, ending in a sort of indented knob. When you look at the shoulder blade in someone's back, what you're really seeing is the spine of the scapula, not the actual top of the shoulder blade itself. The illustration below shows the actual shoulder blade bone. Notice the basic shape...

Blushing Effects

Anime Clothes Folds Effecting Drawing

One of the effective way of showing blushing is by shad ing a cros s an d be low the eyes. To make mo re blush ng jiet d raw shade One of the effective way of showing blushing is by shad ing a cros s an d be low the eyes. To make mo re blush ng jiet d raw shade This meth cd o f blu shing is used rnostty in manga because y ou c cnt repro duce the sha dng effect from printing. Therefore, by Rawing some short lines start fro mtop to bottom across the eyes. To make more blushing just draw thicker...

The Essence of Synthesis

Figure Made Geometrical Shapes

Once the compositional outline is complete, we add new geometric shapes to describe each part of the body an oval for the head, a rectangle for the thorax, cylinders for the arms, a trapezoid for the pelvis. Geometric shapes contain the essence of synthesis. The goal is to combine simple forms which establish the form as well as the proportions of the figure. All of these geometric figures are articulated amongst themselves by observing the straight lines which define the height of the...

The Nose

Life Figure Drawing Female

The nose is rather difficult to represent as it sticks out of the face and therefore its appearance varies depending on the viewpoint. Its pyramid-like shape is partly due to two small, close together bones and partly to cartilages, and this can be seen clearly on its dorsum. Observe the sketches shown on these two pages and practise drawing the nose in various positions, referring to photographs if it makes it easier to understand its structure. Notice that the dorsum moves away from the...

Drawing A Tree Without Foliage

Skinny Ballerina Drawing

Walking in a woods or forest during late fall and winter is a treat because it allows you to study the trees without their foliage. It is like being in a life drawing class all these wonderful shapes just waiting for your sketchbook. Start by noticing the overall shape, both up close and from a distance. Notice how branches grow from the trunk and how they taper and get thinner toward the ends. Each new growth is in unison unless it has been disturbed by any number of elements. Each tree is a...

ThEBady inPrnFHe

Space Between Biceps And Triceps Forearm

The important basic idea to get here is that the torso doesn't flatten out when the figure turns sideways it retains a great deal of thickness in profile. There's a lot of mass on the back and behind the arms, especially on big characters. Notice, too, that the upper body is defined by bunches of muscle groups while the legs are defined by longer, leaner muscles. There are two separate muscles located between the biceps and the triceps in the inner view of the upper arm the triceps brachii and...

Hand Palm Drawing

Line Drawings Hands

The hand is the most complex and variable form in the human body. No other form can respond with such extraordinary range and functional capability and with such case and grace. For example, the separate fingers can perform in immense variety of actions, and the thumb, obliquely opposing the four long fingers and palm wedge, aids in actions such as grasping, prying, and supporting. However, not all the forms of the hand are as free to move as the fingers. Some fomis arc bound tightly by...


Shadows The Face Drawing

In this chapter, up to page 37, I illustrate the stages one has to go through to draw a portrait. The method indicated is rather scholastic but useful to those new to portrait drawing. Once familiar with the elements which are essential to characterise a face, it will be easier and more spontaneous to move gradually from the first sketch to a more complex drawing and find your own, more immediate and personal, way forward. My advice is to do some of these exercises using live models and...

Gradation Background

Drawing nature is extremely difficult so you can't go and draw every leaf on every tree and every blade of grass. You need to consider methods to make the drawing look enough like nature. Drawing A - leaves gather at 66 the end of the branches. Since trees often appear in street scenes giving you plenty of chances to draw them, try to remember a few of these management techniques. As a basic rule, at first you need to consider the structure of trees. The first simple and easy method to handle...

The Mouth analysis and structure

Realistic Mouth Sketches

The mouth is made up of two moving parts, the smaller and broader upper lip and the larger and fleshier lower lip. Where the lips join corresponds to a point one-third across each eye AA' BB' . The trapezoidal sulcus is found between the nose and the mouth, its central axis dividing the mouth exactly into two equal parts. Sketches of mouths from different perspectives. Seen in profile the upper lip is more exposed than the lower. All of the visualizations are drawn with the help of lines of...

Focus Techniques

Sketches Female Body For Design

In order to visualize a detail of an item of clothing, a head and shoulders view, an item of footwear etc, it is unnecessary to draw the figure in its entirety. It is sufficient to portray only the motif or the detail that you wish to emphasize, enlarging the area of interest and bringing it into close-up, using a technique common in cinema and photography. Each picture drawn serves to highlight a detail which must be clearly portrayed, in order to facilitate the faithful interpretation of the...

The Clenched Fist

Again, similar hands can express significant differences. With fingers closed and thumb folded on the index finger, all members lightly clenched together, the hand becomes a fist, as shown in the drawings here. But in action, different connotations appear. The upthrusting fist at top suggests the hand as a weapon the overarm swing at center turns the hand into a club and the hand at bottom, fist in swill descent with strong force directed against the hypothenar cushion, becomes a mallet,...

The Eyes

Shadow Nature With Human Form

Having considered the analysis of the human body in the Greek canon and the fashion canon, let us move on to examine all of the anatomical components, beginning with the details of the face. The eyes represent the most emotive part of the face, because they assume an infinite variety of expressions which are capable of communicating the most varied feelings. In a face the eyes are certainly the most truthful reflection of a state of mind. It is not by chance that the first contact with another...

Sadness Examples From Art

Facial Expressions Mouth

This sculpture, part of a series of remarkable self-portraits by Nancy Fried, is an excellent example of the open-mouthed cry. Sadness is the most lingering emotion in more ways than one. Emotionally, it can take a long, long time to get over a great loss, like the death of a loved one. No other emotion can stay with us so tenaciously. Sadness can also be persistent as an expression, resting like a shadow on the face, long after other, more fleeting expressions have faded. The eyebrows are...

Proportions and Measurements

Cheekbone Drawing Side View

The middle of the brow ridge, at its base, is the depressed bridge of the nose. This is the exact midpoint of the head. Here, at the midway line, the head is five eye-lengths wide. The brow ridge itself is four eye-lengths wide. Centrally located in the facial mass, the tapered wedge of the nose descends to a point midway between the bridge of the nose and the base of the chin. The width of the nose at its base is equal to the width of the eye. Distances from bridge to Base of nose is one eye...

Simple Perspective

Graphite Pencil Forground Flowers

Using perspective in landscape drawing can be perplexing and challenging, but perspective is one of those important elements of picture-making that makes your picture believable. Here, we will talk about simple one- and two-point perspective. Where your eye meets the horizon is called the eye level or horizon line. That imaginary line is a straight, horizontal line. The horizon line will naturally change as you lower or elevate your viewpoint. If you elevate your view point, you will be looking...

Geometric Sketch

Human Figure Proportions

Before making any geometric sketch, it is important to synthesize the figure, to try to include the ensemble form within a simple geometric form. Geometric forms are used for controlling proportions. A tortillon, or even a charcoal-stained cloth, is an excellent tool for practicing geometric sketches. It produces soft lines that are easy A geometric sketch requires a simple treatment with decisive strokes. We must concentrate on the pose and the proportions and forget all the inner details of...

Forms And Structures

Arm Muscle

The hand is not a flat, two-dimensional shape without volume. It is a dynamic, three dimensional body form, energetic and complex, each of its forms and structures interrelated. In this chapter we will look at it from various angles in space and depth, noting its curves and rhythms and examining the bulk, sizes, shapes, and masses of its individual parts and their relation to the whole. The main masses of the upper and lower ami are good example of the principle of contraposition one form being...

Engineering Drawing Car Jack

Electronics Engineering Drawing Plates

Obtain a component that is simple and commonly available and produce a detail drawing of it sufficient for it to be manufactured. Such a component could be a paperclip, key, drawing pin, ruler, centre punch, coat hook, glass jar, special nut or washer or bolt e.g. casellated, lock , spanner, nail, paper cup, plastic cup, CD, needle, cotton reel, cable tie, house brick, cardboard cereal box. 67. Beg, borrow or buy an artefact that consists of an assembly of parts and perform a reverse...

Portrait Composition

Drawing Facial Expressions

Composition involves arranging on the drawing surface the elements which make up the image we are set to represent. There are no firm rules except, perhaps, the one concerning the 'golden section' but rather principles relating to our visual perception, i.e. unity, contrast and balance. Portrait composition dictates that we make some choices straight away deciding whether to draw the full figure or just the head, and in this case, whether full-face, profile, three-quarter deciding whether to...

PLATE Construction of the baby head

Fore Head Drawing

In drawing a very young baby, draw the ball and plane with the facial plane much shorter. Put the brows on the halfway line. Divide the face from the brows down into four parts. The eyes touch the bottom line of the top division. The nose touches the lx gt ttom line of the second division. The corners of the mouth fall on the bottom line of the third division, and the chin drops slightly below the fourth or bottom division. The ear is under the halfway line.

Angle Of Palm Elevation

Drawing Hands Robots

When the palm bends upward at the wrist with fingers ex ended, as shown in the upper sketch, the line of elevation from the horizontal arm will rise to an angle of 45 to 50 degrees. The vertical arrow indicates the point of direction change. Yet when the fingers close or are tightly clenched, the angle of elevation from wrist to metacarpals is not affected. Note the correspondence of angles in lower and upper drawings. The reason the palm will no change its angle of elevation, whether the...


Drawing Head Long

There is no reason why you can't take all the liberties you wish with the ball and plane. The variety of types mentioned in the early part of the book arc drawn simply by building an undcrstructure that is wide, square, long, narrow, or anything you wish. You have the basis of construction, so now just try some variations. PLATE 1 5. Types are built by varying the ball and the plane Look about among the people you know and those you sec around you. Study them with a new understanding. See the...

Simplifying the body

Human Figure

A common way to simplify the body is to draw a manikin from balls and cylinders. Looks a lot like the little wooden models you can buy at any art store, right The head is somewhat closer to the shape of a skull, and the pelvis is closer to the shape of a real one. And while a normal wooden manikin has its shoulders held to the torso with bits of wire, ours has alien anti-gravity technology. This allows them to move around like a real shoulder can. In the side view you can see how the chest and...

Also By Andrew Loomis

Andrew Loomis Face Proportions

Figure Drawing for All It's Worth Creative Illustration Drawing the Head and Hands Three-Dimensional Drawing COPYRIGHT 1939 BY ANDREW LOOMIS FIRST PUBLISHED BY THE VIKING PRESS IN MAY 1939 BY THE MACMILLAN COMPANY OF CANADA LIMITED REPRODUCED FOR EDUCATIONAL USE IN DECEMBER 2001 All drawings and text within this book are the property of their respective copyholders and should not be reproduced for any reason. They may only be used for the purpose of practice and study. DEDICATED TO EVERYONE WHO...

Head Tilts and Turns

Drawing Female From Behind

What gives our modern leading man his sleek look Primarily, it's the contour line that flows from the zygomatic arch the cheekbone just behind the eye down to the chin. This creates a separate plane out of the front of the face, narrowing almost to a triangle. You can see this separate, but distinct, plane in every pose, no matter which way the head tilts. Ever wonder why all the guidelines drawn on the face are curved instead of straight It's because the head is round, not flat. Think of the...

Three Quarter View

Head Drawing Humans

With these measurement lines in place, complete the shape of the skull and draw in the features. This is a good time to review the details of the secondary forms we studied in the preceding chapter. Check the horizontal line-up of the nose base, cheek bone, ear, and skull base. The edge of the mouth and chin should align with the center of the eye. The ear should attach on a horizontal line drawn from the outside corner of the eye. Step 4 On this curved line C-E-D , the new center of the face,...

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