t„, artist's way c»r At ion that somebody else seems to be RCt what wc ours Cven if we are too frightened to getting what * "Lousy is a Stingy emotion. It doesnt reach for it- dan* and muWplidty of the universe, jeal-allow for the for only one-one poet, one painter ousy tells us there »sr ru : _

With courage you will dare to take risks, hare the strength to he compassionate and the wisdom to he humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.

one whatever you dream of being.

The truth, revealed by action in the direction f ants, is that there is room for all of us. But jealou$° ^ duces tunnel vision. It narrows our ability to see things spcctivc. It strips us of our Mity to sec other options" tI' ' ' rhar «mIousv tells us is that we have no choice but to spectivc. It strips us 01 our ju..h, iv, WM«.t vpuuils t biggest lie that jealousy tells us is that we have no choice but * be jealous. Perversely, jealousy strips us of our will to act wl ° action holds the key to our freedom. K!1


Your jealousy map will have three columns. In the first col umn, name those whom you arc jealous of. Next to each name write why. Be as specific and accurate as you can. In the third column. list one action you can take to move toward creative-

risk and out ofjealousy.

When jealousy bites, like a snakebite it requires an immediate antidote. On paper, make yourjealousy map.

My sister Libby My friend Ed Anne Sexton action


She has a real art Fix spare room studio

Writes good crime Try writing one novels

Publish my long-hoarded poems

Famous poet

Even the biggest changes begin with small ones. Green; is the color of jealousy, but it is also the color of hope. When you learn to harness its fierce energy on your own behalf, jealousy is part of the fuel toward a greener and more verdant future.

CONN«CT,ON , archeology, an exercise

The phrases that follow arc more of your <1 i often, we have buried parts of ourselves that r i W°rk' VcrV

by some digging. Not only will your answrr ,.Uncovcrcd you missed m the past; they will tell you .1 you wha<

doing, now. to comfort and cncoun,./,. * you can be ,, not ,00 .ate. „0 matter what yo^Z^Z''^ ^ >< ¡s IZItZ'^'''^

Complete these phrases. U"'h "lhal

Martin Rrrr

1. Asa kid, I missed thechancc to.

6. In my house, we never had enough

8. I am sorry that I will never again sec_

9. For years, I have missed and wondered about

10. I beat myself up about the loss of_

It is important to acknowledge our positive inventory as well as our shortfalls. Take positive stock of what good you have to build on in the present. Finish these phrases.

2. One thing I like about my town is_

4. Writing my morning pages has shown me I can

5. I am taking a greater interest in_

26 the artist's way

6. I believe I am getting better at

7. My artist has started to pay more attention to S. My self-care is-----

Mike this phrase a mantra: Treating myself like a pro am object will make me strong. Watercolor or crayon or callieraph this phrase. Post it where you will see it dailv We tend to think being hard on ourselves will make us strong. But it is cherishing ourselves that gives us strength.

, C ive yourself time out to listen to one side of an al-bum iust for joy. You may want to doodle as you lis-blowing yourself to draw the shapes, emotions, thoughts you hear in the music. Notice how just twenty minutes can refresh you. Learn to take these mini-artist dates to break stress and allow insight.

, Take yourself into a sacred spacc-a church. syn-

3' agoguc, library, grove of trees-ami a low yourself to savor the silence and healing solitude. Each of us has a personal idea of what sacred space is. For me. a laree clock store or a great aquarium store can engender a sense of timeless wonder. Experiment.

« Create one wonderful smell in your housc-with soup, incense, fir branches, candles-whatever.

5. Wear your favorite item of clothing for no special occasion.

6 Buy yourself one wonderful pair of socks, one won-dcrful pair of gloves-one wonderfully comforting.

self-loving something.

Trust in Yourself Your perceptions arc often far more ¿«urate than you are willing to believe.

10. Possibly, my creativity is ciaudia black tasks (3


7. Collage: Collcct a stack of at least ten m which you will allow yourself to freely d.smcXr Setting a twenty-,ninute time limit for yourself (literally) through the magazines, cdlciK £ ages that reflect your hfe or interests. Think of Zs collage as a form of pictorial autobiography |,1C| your past present, future, and your dreams uZ

okay to include images you simply like. KccdduII n« ym A,the until you have a good stack of imaces fir I ?! ion<[Ui\0">V™«<>«tomoi-*

twenty). Now take a sheet of newspaper a stapler some tape or glue and arrange your images in a wav ^ Boteho that pleases you. (This isoneof my students' favorite „, exercises.) When an inner situation is no,

8. Quickly list five favorite films. Do you see any com mon denominators among them? Are they ro- C G lusr manccs. adventures, period pieces, political dramas '

family epics, thrillers? Do you see traces of your cinematic themes in your collage?

9. Name your favorite topics to read about: compara tivc religion, movies. ESP. physics, rags-to-richcs betrayal, love mangles, scientific breakthroughs'

sports . . . Arc these topics in your collage?

10. Give your collage a place of honor. Even a secret place of honor is all right—in your closet in a drawer, anywhere that is yours. You may want to do 1 new one every few months, or collage more thoroughly a dream you are trying to accomplish.

check-in &

1. How many days this week did you do your morning pages? Have you allowed yourself to daydream a few creative risks? Arc you coddling your artist child with childhood loves?

, I >.d voll do your artist date this week? Did you use it !o take any risks? What did you do? How did it feel?

3 ,)id you experience any synchronicity this week? What was it?

i .r,. anv other issues this week that you con-4XV^c-foryo.-cc„vcry?Ocscr,bcthc,,

Recovering a Sense of Strength

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