PLATE The four divisionsschoolboys

If you plan to do advertising illustration, or arc already in that field, you will find drawing growing boys and girls very remunerative. Practically all foods arc advertised to mothers with growing children and the children appear in profusion in such advertising. You can practice from the heads here, or find others in the women's magazines that offer excellent practice.

PLATE 70. The four divisions—schoolgirls

At the right, above, we have the usual quarter spacing. It is interesting and helpful to note how the diagonals cross in a young girls head. The diagonals from the corners of the eyes through a point at the middle of the base of the nose also cut through the corners of the mouth; those from the outer ends of the brows cut through the corners of the mouth to a point at the base of the middle of the chin.

Drawing Womens Mouth Lessons

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