PLATE The female hand

Women's hands, like their faces, differ from those of men chiefly in having smaller bones, more delicate muvcles, and generally inore roundness of planes. If the middle finger is made at least half the length of the hand on the palm side it will l>e more graceful and will characterize the hand as feminine. Even though feminine hands are slim, they still have amazing tenacity of grip. The long fingernails, oval in shape, add charm.

Graceful Palm The Hand

PLATE 87. Tapered fingers 145

Draw Female Hand

PLATE 88. Make many studies of hands

There is only one sure way to learn to draw hands, and that is to draw many, many studies. With hands, more than with anything else, proper spacing is essential. You must fit the fingers onto the palm in the particular view you see before you. Hands are almost never straight and flat. Judge the spaces between the knuckles carefully. Much of the time the view will require foreshortening, as shown in Plates 82 through 85.

Hand Drawing Foreshortened View

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