PLATE Proportions of the baby headsecond and third years

By the second and third year the eyes are about halfway up the top quarter space, which I have designated the number 1 space. The nose and mouth also appear to have moved up, and the brows now appear to l>e above the halfway line. Now the lips just touch the bottom of the third space. The ear has not reached the halfway line. However, the face has reached the proportions of three spaces: hairline to brow, brow to bottom of nose, bottom of nose to bottom of chin. Actually these three spaces are still condensed, and each will grow further. But they maintain their proportions to one another while growing. The ear is still well below the middle crosslinc. Note the line divided into thirds in the right half of the first drawing.

When drawing babies and children it seems easier to maintain four divisions than to use the three divisions of an adult face. While the actual head is much smaller, the spaces between the features are proportionately wider. The eyes are wider apart; the upper lip is longer; the space from eye to ear appears very wide. You have to struggle with these proportions in order to make a baby look like a baby and not like a little old bald man. The baby mouth is more pursed when relaxed. The upper lip rises sharply to its peak and usually protrudes. The chin is small and well under, with often a little fat under it. Babies* ears vary a great deal, some being quite small and others quite large. They are usually rounder and appear thicker in comparison to the face. Babies' brows are usually light and thin or even quite transparent. They are usually much more evident in dark-haired children. The nose is usually small and upturned, and quite rounded. The bridge of the nose is fairly round since it has not had time to develop. The cheeks are extended and full.

Face Proportions BabiesBaby Head Drawing

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