PLATE Proportions of he little boys head

In the small boy the up-and-down proportions are alxrnt the same as those in the older baby. But now the face is relatively narrower, coming well inside the square in the front view. The eyes appear smaller, bccause they do not grow and the fact? does. We can only use the large "button" eyes for very young children. The jaw and chin of the boy pictured above have started to grow, making the chin more prominent. The bridge of the nose is higher, and the nose is a little longer, almost touching the bottom of the second quarter. The lips touch the bottom line of the third quarter. At a fairly early age a full shock of hair grows. This accentuates the large cranium but keeps the face looking small and adds to the cutcness of the child. If a child has curly hair, mothers sometimes let the hair grow until it l>cgins to look grotesque. So it is well to know where the cranium really is.

It is hard for little boys to sit still; in drawing them, as in drawing babies, practicc from photographs and clippings. Note that the ear is coming up to the halfway line. Little boys' heads seem to extend far back because the neck is small and the muscles which attach to the base of the skull arc not yet developed.

Notice particularly that the nostrils have grown and the upper lip appears to be somewhat shorter. The ear grows considerably during this period and the one which follows. I believe the ear is fully developed by the time the child is ten or twelve. The space from the nose to the car still appears quite wide. Lashes arc quite long. The hair grows quite well over the temples.

Insan Surat Nas Izilir

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