Teen-agers arc popular subjects in fiction, advertising, and portraits. Since the proportions of the head are so nearly those of the adult head, we are almost back to where we started, but I hope with much more understanding.

In drawing teen-age boys and girls we must take into consideration the great variety of types. In boys, bony faces with well-marked muscles are associated with athletic types. The muscular activities contribute to a certain leanness. Some boys grow so fast they arc robbed of some vitality; others simply do not lean toward athletics. Another type of teen-age boy has a round face, long legs and anns and large hands and feet, tends to drape himself over anything suitable to rest upon, and hates effort—especially home chores. As a rule, these boys develop more energy later when they attain full growth.

Since most teen-agers-girls as well as boys-

are big eaters, if they do not exercise, they have a tendency toward fatness. Fortunately, they lose most of this excess weight in the spurt of energy that follows full growth.

Treat teen-agers with as much understanding as possible. Remcml>er that this is the age of the first big heart throb, the age when the urge to be different from their elders comes out in every conceivable fad. in dress, hair-do, and personality. Study teen-agers closely to catch the spirit, for youth is elusive in more ways than one.

Now that we are completing our study of heads, you will find it rewarding to review parts of this lxx>k which might have given you trouble earlier. The new drawings should show great improvement over your first ones. You will find everything much easier, and will also have gained confidence from your practice work.

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