Hand Proportions

that the thumb works mostly at a right angle to the fingers. Get rid of the idea that hands are hard to draw. They are simply confusing to draw unless you know how they operate. Once understood, hands become fascinating.

The most important fact to remcml>cr alxmt the hand is that it is hollow on the palm side and convex on top. The pads are so arranged around the palm that even liquid can l>e held in the hand. The hand served primitive man as a cup, and by cupping the two hands together he could eat food which he could not hold with his fingers alone. The big muscle of the thumb is by far the most important one in the hand. That muscle, combined with or in opposition to the pull of the fingers, gave man a grasp powerful enough to hold even his own weight in suspension. This powerful muscle held his club, his bow, his spear. Animals depend upon the jaw muscles for existence, but we might say that man depended upon his hands.

When you have mastered the construction and proportions of the hand (Plates 77 to 85). you will find it easy to use your knowledge to show the special characteristics of women's hands and those of babies, children, and older people.

Characteristics Hands

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