Head And Hands

point of the chin. The depression between these muscles may account for a dimple in the middle of the chin. They also cause the chin to buckle into little bumps in some expressions.

Expressions Facial Muscles

PLATE 20. Anatomy of the head

When you are studying the muscles of the face, get in front of a mirror and give them a good working over. From that and from these drawings you will learn a great deal about expression and the why of it.

Give some consideration to the muscles of the neck, for you usually have to draw a head on a neck. The two diagonally placed muscles that turn the head are attached to the skull just lichind the ears at the top. and to the breastbone, which lies between the two collarlxmes, at the !>ottom. Two strong muscles attached to the back of the head underneath the l>ack of the skull hold the head up or tip it backward. The head drops forward mostly of its own weight.

To know these muscles will help you tremendously in drawing heads.

Hand Drawing Neck Design

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