Drawing The Head And Hands

cheekbones may be set high or low. (he upper lip may be long or short, the cheeks full or sagging. By different combinations of these, you can produce an almost endless variety of characters. It will be great fun for you to experiment.

Although the construction of any head involves more or less the same problems, this book is divided into sections on drawing men. women, and children of various ages. As we shall see. though the technical differences are slight, there is considerable difference in approach and fccl-


ing. The technical problems are explained in Part One, and the knowledge acquired from that is applied in the later sections on heads.

To be able to draw hands convincingly is also very important to the artist, and in this field too there is little material available. So Part Five has been included to help you understand the principles of construction on which realistic rendering of hands must be based.

Now let's get to work in earnest.

Realistic Drawing Hands



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    How to draw realistic heads?
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