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woefully apparent to you when the other fellow docs not. Some very clever artists do not really know how to construct correctly, and they spend many hours of added difficulty as a result. No "knack" of drawing heads can compete with sound knowledge.

In Plates 12 to 16. I have planned a little fun for you. We start taking some liberties with the basic ball and planes. You will do this better without copy. We do some experimenting with types, as I promised early in the book. To produce different types we can vary the ideal or average measurements. The three divisions of the middle line of the face can be made unequal, or exaggerated as you wish. Then we can vary the shape of the cranium and bony underĀ« structure. I suggest that you play with expressions and characterizations. It is interesting and sometimes amazing what you can produce in the way of characters by variation in the spacing and basic shapes. You hardly know before finishing what type you will end up with. On the other hand, you can actually plan a given type and come very close to achieving the result you want. You will find yourself drawing heads that are most convincing, that have even a professional look. I suggest you try beards, mustachcs, high or low, thin or heavy eyebrows, big noses.

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