Make the difference between a good drawing and a bad one. If the edge of the shadow is graduated or blended too much with the light, the drawing loses character if it is not blended enough the drawing may become hard and brittle. A good way to judge is to ask yourself Am I holding evidence of the plane or have I lost it If you have softened the edge so much as to have lost the plane, the drawing is bound to take on a smooth, photographic look. For this reason, planes have to be established when...

My To Draw Heads

Female Anatomy Line Drawings

Some faces have this characteristic to a pronounced degree, while in other faces it is hardly evident. The difficulty is to make the folds appear natural and a part of the smile rather than to have them look like pouches under the eyes. These folds are easier to paint than to draw, because in painting they may be rendered in light values, but in a drawing we are usually using a black medium, and the folds get too black. The same is true of the wrinkles that show at the outer corners of the eyes...

School Children

Proportions Heads And Faces

This section deals with children of the gram-mar-school age, or up to adolescence. That is the age of activity and rather gradual growth, before the spurt of growth that comes at the time of adolescence. It is also the age in which habit and character begin to be formed and to show in the face. We might also call it the age of mischief, because the energy cannot be confined to growth and overflows into physical activity. It is most important to learn to draw children of this age with a smile...

PLATE The four divisionsschoolboys

Drawing Womens Mouth Lessons

If you plan to do advertising illustration, or arc already in that field, you will find drawing growing boys and girls very remunerative. Practically all foods arc advertised to mothers with growing children and the children appear in profusion in such advertising. You can practice from the heads here, or find others in the women's magazines that offer excellent practice. PLATE 70. The four divisions schoolgirls At the right, above, we have the usual quarter spacing. It is interesting and...

PLATE The proportions remain fairly constant

Drawing The Head Hands

At grammar-school age there is very little difference between the hand of a boy and that of a girl but at adolescence there is a big change. The boys hand is much larger and sturdier, showing development of bone and muscle. The girl's hand never develops the big knuckles of the boy's, since the bones stay smaller. The heel of the hand develops in the boy, but stays much softer and slimmer in the girl. In the boys hand the fingernails as well as the fingers are slightly broader.


Drawing Model And Head And Hands

It is my job here to give you the working materials with which to make your own effort successful rather than to show that anyone can succeed. Success comes only with personal effort aided by whatever knowledge the individual can apply along with the effort. If this were not true, we would be able to do anything in the world simply by reading books. We all know this is not true. There are books on almost any subject. Their value depends upon the amount of...

Small Children

Head For Children Drawing

Let us understand that no branch of art can be reduced completely to a formula without endangering the very art that must go into it. We do, of course, seek ways and means to an end, and that end is correctness. Art, however, is not the justification of correctness. Art is not always perfection. Ixit us say that art is truly a form of expression, and full expression cannot be limited by formula, but only guided toward greater meaning and truth. African sculpture has expression and becausc of...

How To Draw A Human Body

Drawing Aging

Happ y h i ,'fctfcs eyft R P 1 PLATE 30. Analysis of facial markings It is not difficult to memorize the size, shape, and placement of the muscles of the face. If you do this, you will thereafter always be able to identify the lines, humps, and bumps in the face. Older people are better than young ones as sources for this information, since the older one gets the more lines and wrinkles develop. We can learn to separate the small wrinkles from the facial lines. The small wrinkles are associated...

PLATE Proportions of the baby headsecond and third years

Face Proportions Babies

By the second and third year the eyes are about halfway up the top quarter space, which I have designated the number 1 space. The nose and mouth also appear to have moved up, and the brows now appear to l gt e above the halfway line. Now the lips just touch the bottom of the third space. The ear has not reached the halfway line. However, the face has reached the proportions of three spaces hairline to brow, brow to bottom of nose, bottom of nose to bottom of chin. Actually these three spaces...


How Draw Human Head Plates

Here you see how the scale works out in practice. The circle represents the ball, and the width is the width of the head, including the ears. We find that the face is about two units wide and that the eyes fall between the middle halves or at the quarter points of the two units see upper right . This coincides with the divisions of the ball and plane with which you are already familiar.

PLATE Childrens hands

Baby Hands Drawing

The child's hand is halfway between that of the baby and that of the teen-ager. This means that the thumb muscle and the heel of the hand are thicker proportionately than they arc in the adult hand, but not as thick in relation to the fingers as they are in the baby hand. The fingers in relation to the palm are about the same as in the adult. The whole hand is smaller, a little fatter, and more dimpled, and the knuckles are of course smoother.

SLort Lhat wi tk the deader

How fortunate it is for the huiiu amp ii racc that ever ' man, woman, and child is tagged with an individual and identifiable face If all faces were identical, like the labels on a brand of tomatoes, we would be living in a very mixed-up world. When we think of it, life is mainly a continuous flow of experiences and contacts vitli people, different people. Suppose for a moment that Jones, the egg man, was the exact countcq gt art of Smith, the banker that the face across the table might be that...

PLATE Proportions of he little boys head

Insan Surat Nas Izilir

In the small boy the up-and-down proportions are alxrnt the same as those in the older baby. But now the face is relatively narrower, coming well inside the square in the front view. The eyes appear smaller, bccause they do not grow and the fact does. We can only use the large button eyes for very young children. The jaw and chin of the boy pictured above have started to grow, making the chin more prominent. The bridge of the nose is higher, and the nose is a little longer, almost touching the...

PLATE Characterization

Proportions Heads And Faces

Here construction, lighting, and expression arc combined. This is characterization, the way a face looks at a given moment. Expression is really no more than a distortion of the relaxed forms of the face. Such distortion causes movement in the muscles below and consequent change on the surface. Therefore it is important to know how those muscles move see Plate 21 .

PLATE Anatomy of the hand

Hand Anatomy

Nate the strong tendon which attaches to the heel of the hand, and how, on the back of the hand, the tendons are grouped to pull the fingers out. The operation of these tendons is marvelous, for the ' can operate all the fingers together from inside or outside the palm, yet can control each finger separately. The muscles which pull these tendons are located in the forearm. Fortunately for the artist, most of the tendons of the palm are buried deeply and do not show. In babies and young people,...


Lett us begin by establishing our common objective. You may be interested in drawing as a hobby. You may be an art student attending drawing classes. You may be a young professional. out of school, striving to better your work so that it will bring in more income. Perhaps you studied art many years ago and now have the time and incentive to take it up again. Perhaps you are well established in the field of commercial art, where competition is formidable, and are looking for something that will...


Anger Face

The drawings here, though not very pleasant, are important to the artist if he intends to give his characters expression. The smile is most important in commercial art and advertising. In illustrating fiction you may have to draw an angry face occasionally but the great majority of the faces you will draw are pleasant ones. However, it is much easier to draw a dead-pan face than a very happy one. What we want to do is to keep the face that should reflect happiness from appearing as dead-pan or...

PLATE Bone and muscle are less apparent in womens heads

Heads Drawing

The underlying anatomy of a girls head is shown at the top of the page. In drawing a fairly young woman, we let very little of the anatomy show on the surface, though we must know what is underneath to make the surface convincing. At the bottom of the page a male and a female head are shown for direct comparison. Note the heavier bone and muscle construction and the more obvious planes in the male head. PLATE 43. Charm lies in he basic drawing

PLATE Types of character

Draw Smiling Mouth

The character in a head is the result of the individual bones and muscles, as they are shown by careful construction and spacing. But the beauty of a drawing will always be in the way you use line and tone and the interpretation of light and shadow on the forms. You may experiment in your own way and develop your own approach and technique. Sometimes an unfinished study is more attractive than the completely executed drawing. Smiles that radiate happiness are difficult for any artist. They arc...

PLATE The hollow of the palm

Palm Drawing

In the drawings above note how the hollow of the hand has been carefully defined. Also note the resulting curve of the back of the hand. Hands never look natural or capable of grasping until the artist understands this feature of the hand. All these hands look as if they could take hold of an object. The loud sound of clapping comes from the sudden compression of air between these two cups or pockets of the palms. A hand that does not look capable of clasping is badly drawn. Study your own...

How To Draw Anime

Female Manga Head Construction

Had the experience of being told by someone that a head he has painted or drawn looks like that person or like an acquaintance or relative of the speaker. For the artist's purpose, the simplest plan is first to think of tin- skull as In-iiig pliable and having taken a certain shape as a result_of pressures as it one squeezed .t rubber ball into various shapes without changing its actual volume. Although skulls have a great variety of shapes, actual measurements tally very closely, which means...

And Have Full Porms

How Draw Faces For Beginners

The lips and jaw can hardly be drawn convincingly without an understanding of the muzzle and how it works. Beginners draw the mouth as if it lay on a flat plane. The curve of the teeth in the rounded jaw must be considered, and the fullness of the lips themselves must be felt. fixed in its relationship to the rest of the face, and all the movement takes place in the lower jaw. The curve of the upper teeth remains unchanged and is affected only by the viewpoint. The dropping of the lower jaw may...

Hand Proportions

Characteristics Hands

That the thumb works mostly at a right angle to the fingers. Get rid of the idea that hands are hard to draw. They are simply confusing to draw unless you know how they operate. Once understood, hands become fascinating. The most important fact to remcml gt cr alxmt the hand is that it is hollow on the palm side and convex on top. The pads are so arranged around the palm that even liquid can l gt e held in the hand. The hand served primitive man as a cup, and by cupping the two hands together...

Drawing The Head And Hands

Realistic Drawing Hands

Cheekbones may be set high or low. he upper lip may be long or short, the cheeks full or sagging. By different combinations of these, you can produce an almost endless variety of characters. It will be great fun for you to experiment. Although the construction of any head involves more or less the same problems, this book is divided into sections on drawing men. women, and children of various ages. As we shall see. though the technical differences are slight, there is considerable difference in...

Insan Anatomisi Karakalem

Animal Simplified Drawing

Note how in these drawings you are aware of the construction all around the head. 1 personally try to get the feeling that these are not outlines, but the edges of solid forms that 1 could slide my hand around. Do you feel as if you could pick up these heads with your two hands and that you would find them just as solid in back as in front That is what we arc working for just now. Plate 7 shows the action of the head on its pivot point at the top of the spine and at...

Construction Draw

Planes The Head

Where you work, as a constant reminder. If you have worked them out convincingly you can well take pride in the fact. They will be of interest to anyone, for through them you have stated your knowledge in no uncertain manner. They serve to help you memorize the qualities which should go into a well-drawn head, but which, of course, could not be incorporated into a single drawing with each stage in evidence. In the finished drawing, I believe you will feel this background of effort, which I hope...

Head And Hands

Expressions Facial Muscles

The depression between these muscles may account for a dimple in the middle of the chin. They also cause the chin to buckle into little bumps in some expressions. When you are studying the muscles of the face, get in front of a mirror and give them a good working over. From that and from these drawings you will learn a great deal about expression and the why of it. Give some consideration to the muscles of the neck, for you usually have to draw a head on a neck. The two...

PLATE Block forms of the hand

Dessin Manga Pour Apprendre

The bones and tendons across the back of the hand are close to tlie surface those around the palm and inside of the fingers arc thoroughly padded. I have blocked out these pads so you can familiarize yourself with them. Note the extra thickness of the pads of the thumb muscle and the heel of the palm. At the base of each finger there is a pad. These combine to make a pad across the top of the palm. The pads of the fingers protect the bones inside. Since these pads are all pliable, they provide...

Ad And Hands

Drawing Head

Soft flesh stands out in little lumps and begins to drape somewhat toward the chin. We can be kind about it and not put too much emphasis on the aging process, but to ignore it entirely would be to lose both character and likeness. There is l gt cauty in maturity and even in old age. By then character shines through, and there is no graciousncss and charm greater than that of an elderly woman of character, who has put away most of the foibles and frivolities of youth....

PLATE Proportions of the little girls head

Little Girl Head Drawing

The proportions of the head are practically the same in little girls as in little boys. Little girls are characteristically wider at the eyes and the jaw and chin are rounder. Very often the crease of the upper lid hardly shows over the eye. All the lines of contour are usually rounder in girls. Knowing this helps you make a little face more feminine blocky or squarish forms give a little boy a more rugged look. In little girls the forehead tends to be higher at an earlier age than in boys....

PLATE Establish the construction of cach head

Drawing Disney Style

It is almost impossible to draw a beautiful woman unless the construction and placement of features are accurate. Keep the nostrils small and watch carefully the placement of the jaw and ears. The eyes and mouth must be in perfect placement and drawing to avoid some very strange and unpleasant results. Just now the brows are left fairly thick. A few years back they were just a thin line. Personally, I like natural-looking brows, but brows and lips, since they arc so often made up. follow the...

PLATE The female hand

Draw Female Hand

Women's hands, like their faces, differ from those of men chiefly in having smaller bones, more delicate muvcles, and generally inore roundness of planes. If the middle finger is made at least half the length of the hand on the palm side it will l gt e more graceful and will characterize the hand as feminine. Even though feminine hands are slim, they still have amazing tenacity of grip. The long fingernails, oval in shape, add charm. PLATE 88. Make many studies of hands There is only one sure...

Fart Jlvo VUomen JJeaJ

In american advertising and magazine illustration the ability to draw women's heads effectively is the greatest boon to the pocketbook. While commercial art has many departments, no other is quite so lucrative. This skill opens the door of advertising agencies, editorial offices, and calendar producers as nothing else can. Portrait drawings are much easier to sell than finished paintings, since the price is much lower. Drawings. nicely framed, can be hung anywhere in the house, while painted...

PLATE The baby hand

How Sketch Baby Hands

Babies' hands are a study in themselves. The basic difference from adults' hands is that the palm is relatively thicker in relation to the small fingers. The thumb muscle and heel of the baby hand are proportionately very powerful. Quite young babies have a grasp equal to their own weight. The knuckles across the back of the hand are buried in flesh and arc indicated by dimples. The base of the hand may be entirely 5urroundcd with creases. The heel of the hand is much thicker than the pads...

PLATE Proportions of the schoolboys head

Girl And Old Car Drawing

Children between eight and twelve are more difficult to draw than either very young children or adults. The character of the head is pretty well established by this time, and some children have even taken on quite an adult look. But there is a trick to indicating this age group which is quite dependable. The eyes have moved up to touch the halfway line, and the space from the hairline to the top of the head is three-fourths of a unit instead of one-half unit as it is in the adult. In the adult...

Part Ok ree SaUe leacls

Drawing Baby Faces

Dranvinc rabies is almost a branch of art in itself. Yet the illustrator and commercial artist may l gt c called upon quite often to include them in his work. Babies also make particularly attractive pictures for framing when they are well done, most families are delighted with them. If the baby head is understood, it is really no harder to draw than any other head, and sometimes not as hard. The reason is that the artist is dealing much more with construction and proportion than with anatomy....

PLATE Proportions of the teenage girls head

Teenagers Proportions

Sixteen is traditionally the perfect age for girls. By that time they have lost the ganglincss of fast growth, and all is smooth, round, and fair. Now that girls also engage in athletics, their faces tend to show more muscle than did those of their mothers at the same age. But the predominating quality is youth the faces are unlincd. full of freshness and vigor. These things are important in portraying young people, because the actual proportions of the face change very little from sixteen to...

PLATE Proportions of the baby headfirst year

Child Face Proportions

Changes in the infant skull take place very rapidly from the moment of birth through the first year or two. It is in the infant stage that the skull takes shape. The original shape may be due to prenatal pressures and the degree of hardness of the bone. After birth the bone tends to adjust to the eonditions imposed upon it, the growth of the brain, the closing of the sections of the skull at the top of the cranium, which nature left open and pliable to facilitate birth. Racial skull types are...

PLATE Construction of the baby head

Fore Head Drawing

In drawing a very young baby, draw the ball and plane with the facial plane much shorter. Put the brows on the halfway line. Divide the face from the brows down into four parts. The eyes touch the bottom line of the top division. The nose touches the lx gt ttom line of the second division. The corners of the mouth fall on the bottom line of the third division, and the chin drops slightly below the fourth or bottom division. The ear is under the halfway line.


Teen-agers arc popular subjects in fiction, advertising, and portraits. Since the proportions of the head are so nearly those of the adult head, we are almost back to where we started, but I hope with much more understanding. In drawing teen-age boys and girls we must take into consideration the great variety of types. In boys, bony faces with well-marked muscles are associated with athletic types. The muscular activities contribute to a certain leanness. Some boys grow so fast they arc robbed...

The Standard Head

Side Head Blank Drawing Head

Heads will naturally vary in measurement and proportion. However, any artist will find it most practical to carry in his mind as basic measurements a scale of proportions, built on averages and simplified. The front view of the head fits quite well into a rectangle that is three units of measurement wide, and three and a half deep. This scale leaves a little space beyond the ears on each side. The half measurements of these units locate the eyes and nose and help in placing the mouth, and also...


Shape The Head Draw

There is no reason why you can't take all the liberties you wish with the ball and plane. The variety of types mentioned in the early part of the book arc drawn simply by building an undcrstructure that is wide, square, long, narrow, or anything you wish. You have the basis of construction, so now just try some variations. PLATE 1 5. Types are built by varying the ball and the plane Look about among the people you know and those you sec around you. Study them with a new understanding. See the...

PLATE Proportions of the teenage boys head

Hands Proportions

The proportions of the head in teen-agers are almost identical with adults the difference is largely a matter of feeling. In boys thfc bone structure has become quite evident, though it should not be stressed as much as in men's heads. There are no noticeable lines. The flesh is firm and still inclined to smoothness. The cheeks are smooth without much definition of the muscles. The jaw has developed considerably in a short time. The bridge of the nose has taken permanent shape. As the jaw and...