Visual Tension

Fashion Caricatures

Depth increases visual tension and impact when fingers con-irapose each other, especially in overlapping, In this drawing, index finger and thumb are thrust left and out (note direction of arrows), while the rear fingers. less tense and darker, bend inward for contrast. The arm is also part of this leftward, energized thrust. Note how solid the near forms appear and how recessive the ones farther back seem.

Arms And Hands Overlapping


This drawing shows overlapping and opposition, with changing thumb and little finger positions. Note how the contrast is heightened and depth increased with the change of position, and that when the thumb and little fingers are extended, the depth of the middle finger is unclear. When the thumb and iiitlc finger overlap across the palm, we can actually see space between thumb, palm, and middle finger, The raised and bent little finger is three or more inches from the base of all the other fingers and casts a shadow on the palm. This combination of shadows and opposition is a powerful device for creating depth.

Middle Finger Drawing

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